Day Five at FORM

Friday was my last day at FORM. It was sad to be leaving a place I had been at for a week.  Yet I throughout enjoyed my time learning from Carrie, and her co-workers at FORM.  My last day was simple, I mostly pulled materials for the site we had visited on thursday, and really enjoyed it because it was something I haven’t gotten to do and it was a wonderful process to go through, and see all the materials that FORM had access to.

This past week really opened by eyes and allowed me to view the world of corporate design in a better way. After this week I feel a though it might be a way I go in the future. Especially being able to come back to MD, and to hopefully work in the D.C area. Yet I want to explore more in the design world, and experience other avenues before I decide on a direction. This opportunity, has given me a new view on things, and pushes me toward wanting another experience.


EOP: Day Five

It’s the end, bittersweet. I truly did enjoy my week with EOP. I met some truly great people, got a great feel for my future, and learned some really valuable things. I hope today wasn’t my final day in EOP’s office.

Yesterday, day 4, I was able to go on another site visit to UK, this time to the Alternative Medicine Clinic that is opening at the beginning of April. The designers were checking that punch list items had been fixed appropriately and were meeting with the casework sub-contractor to discuss an issue with the magnetic spring closures on the drawers and cabinets in offices and patient rooms. I sat in on a lunch-and-learn with a rep from National Wood Solutions which was extremely interesting and I learned a lot about compact phenolic. I also learned about creating families and assigning parameters in Revit and helped one of my coworkers on a project create key plans that could turn on and off the different departments on a floor of a large office building.

Today I continued to work on the same project in Revit, I made a short Adobe Premiere video for a presentation another coworker was giving at the end of the day, and I had a sort of exit interview with the head of Interiors. Once a month on Friday at 4, EOP has “happy hour” where there are snacks and drinks and everyone gathers in the conference room to have short, informal presentations on the projects that have been going on in the office to sort of catch everyone up on the crazy amount of stuff the office does in a month.

Truly I did enjoy my time with EOP and I was sad leaving today. I was invited to keep in touch by several people and to feel free to ask for Revit help any time. I hope to return next spring break!


Day Four at Uhuru

My fourth day at Uhuru was spent working on four construction documents for a client, I created a 3D model of the project and made various views and iterations of it for the piece for the documents. It is weirdly time consuming! When Nick, my host, was showing me the example documents I figured it would take about three hours to complete, but it ended up taking most of the day to create the first draft. Tomorrow it will be reviewed by the co-founder, Bill, and I’ll have to make any changes needed. I also spent a small amount of time in the photo studio today helping Phoebe set up the shoot for their new sit/stand desk, and briefly worked in the fabrication shop to box up a chair.

It was a really chill day here today, mostly just people talking about their plans for the weekend and quietly working. The biggest excitement here is at 3 everyday, when everyone huddles together to play HQ. Also, there were three dogs today: Lulu the Dachschund, and Huck and Boone the Coonhounds.

Day Four at FORM

Today, was not very busy. While at FORM today, the morning was spent reviewing a furniture document for a meeting later in the afternoon at 1, in Rockville. It was nice to get out of the D.C area for a little, and go to the site for a little and see it in person. The meeting was about the furniture chosen, and if there are changes to be made. There where only a few changes mainly in the training rooms, but over all the clients liked the furniture chosen, and very easy going. They put their trust in the designers. While in the meeting I kept note, and followed along with the overview. Before leaving the site today, we got to see the cubicles the space has now, and seeing the difference that the new furniture will have on the space. Before leaving for the meeting, a Coalesse rep came into the office, just like the other day and presented new materials and furniture. one piece Maureen brought, was from a collection the Patricia Urquiola had done.

Day 4 ):


Today I am sad. Only one day remains between myself and the end of my time at Lichten + Craig. I have grown so fond of all the people I work with and have finally mastered the train system, how am I supposed to leave now??

Today I finally finished reorganizing the design library as well as reorganizing two heaps worth of stones and tiles. While it wasn’t the most exciting work I got to learn about so many designers and manufacturers that I had never heard of before and have many great resources to turn to for future projects. By the end of the day I was creating tear sheets for a big client meeting and eventually got to take a visit to restoration hardware for a sample pick up. I’ve enjoyed every minute of this experience and I’m not sure how I’m going to part ways with my team tomorrow.


My second day at NELSON started on Thursday morning, after two days of a snow storm kept everyone working from home. I began the day with a visit to Iron Mountain, where one of the senior architects was invited to review the prototype of a new receptacle that houses confidential documents before they are taken offsite and shredded. It was a very interesting presentation. We had great discussion about the newer developments, and I was asked for my input about the color, texture, and overall aesthetic appeal of the prototype. For the remainder of my day at NELSON, I finished updating the AutoCAD file for the new retail project, and worked on adding color and materials in Adobe Photoshop.

Cannon Day 3

Day three at Cannon was my favorite day so far, because I got to meet a wide variety of employees at the firm. I got to speak to one of the managers, Tim, about business practices and he talked to me a lot about how to merge design and business sense, then he gave me advice on being a successful employee. I also met with Mike, who is in charge of the sustainability effort at Cannon. He spoke to me for about an hour and a half about how their firm approaches sustainability and how designers can improve their designs by using sustainable practices and materials. He emailed me a variety of tools and spreadsheets that Cannon uses to inform their sustainable projects, which I find very interesting and helpful.

I later met with the lighting department for their monthly meeting, and then I got to meet individually with the department head, Sara, and another employee, Barrett. They showed me the lighting plans they have used on multiple different projects and then the finished images from those projects. Sara also helped to answer a lot of my questions I had about lighting design and their specialty work. After the lighting meetings, I got to shadow Ananta again, and we went back to the materials library to organize and select more materials for the Washington and Lee project we looked at yesterday. Everyone at Cannon is so nice and they all seem super excited to answer my questions! I love shadowing there because of how welcoming they are to me and how much information they want to share with me.