Design Continued


This week I finally received the rest of the exterior materials for the material board I was putting together for our next board meeting at G.C. Burkhead Elementary to allow the board to see the final colors and to give it to the contractors on site to be able to go by when the materials start to arrive on site. I was asked to put the brick, stone, and split faced CMU on the board for the board so that in its self was a task to figure out how to put such heave materials on a foam core board and them stay there for many weeks. Along with the other intern at the office we decided to put two pieces together, but on the first layer have the shapes of the heavy material cut out so that we can then use heavy duty strips of velcro and stick them to the board on the bottom layer to give more support. So far everything is staying in place and the meeting will happen this coming week.


Also this week I was ask to do a few renderings for the entry way of the old CAER building to help update the building. I am in the process of doing that so by this time next week I will have renderings to show!!!!




This week at CG Concepts I met several representatives from different manufacturers. The summer is a very busy time for most interior design firms, especially CG Concepts. We have multiple sales reps coming in throughout the week to show us new products. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Murray Holland and Belinda Binford. Murray Holland is a rep for Rytel Holland. He represents Versteel, AGATI, Archoustics, BBF, and several other lines. He has recently picked up a new line called Tiger. Murray came in and showed me several new products from Versteel and BBF, and also introduced the Tiger leathers. Tiger leathers are very durable and are unlike most leathers. They offer great colors and textures, but are very cleanable. Leathers are known for being difficult to maintain and take care of, however with Tiger they are easily maintained. Murray also has a background in Music and sound, he offers AIA Acoustic courses. These courses help interior designers learn about specific products that are appropriate for different areas of design. This week I also met Belinda Binford who is a Cincinnati based Carnegie sales rep. She brought in several new fabric memos from Carnegie. Carnegie fabrics are versatile and have rich colors in each fabric. I really enjoy meeting the different sales reps. Sales reps shows me another side of design that I am very interested in. This week was very busy for the designers in the office, with multiple projects going on and a big job up for grabs, we had a lot going on. I spent a lot of time pulling literature and assisting the designers with anything they needed. I am loving watching the design process and learning so much about design.


Unknown-1Till next week,


**For interest in AIA acoustic courses please contact Murray Holland directly at

Week Two!

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This week, I placed a lot of emphasis on preparing information for a client. CG Concepts represents hundreds of furniture lines. One of our lines used most often is Izzy+. Izzy+ is comprised of multiples lines, including ABCO, Fixtures and Furniture, HAG and Harter. This week, we took a group of clients to one of Izzy+ mobile showrooms, this gave the opportunity for the client too see the product in person before they purchase it, which happens to be a crucial part in the design process.

In preparing for the clients visit, we had to prepare a finish scheme, a floor plan, as well as renderings. attached bellow are two renderings I produced for the client this week. One of the products they are thinking about purchasing is called the Nemo Trellis. This Architectural piece would add a special element to space they are hoping to renovate. It would not only ground the room, but it would also break up the large area.

For the first time this week, I was asked to create and price a series of walls for this particular project, it was interesting to learn what types of materials and finishes selections can make such an impact on the design as well as the price during a project. Since many of the products we sell, do not have Sketchup blocks, this week has partially been spent on creating pieces of furniture in sketchup in order to produce renderings to the client, have a great week!


-Andrea Burns

Importance of the Internet

We are a tech savvy generation, so we all use the internet as a main source of information. As I have been working with Deborah, I have become more familiar with how sites such as a company website, Houzz, Facebook, and many more are essential to a business. Many clients find Deborah because they are looking for an interior designer and have no idea where to even start, so naturally they Google it. Just to see what I could find I typed in, “interior design lexington, ky” and Deborah’s website popped up on the second page. Her custom website was built back in the 2000’s, therefore, being one of the first interior design websites in Kentucky.  A website gives the first impression to a client about your business.

Other then focusing on social media, I have also been working with all of our favorite programs: Autocad and Sketchup. I have worked on some simple projects, and am waiting to tackle some bigger projects that are coming up! Throughout my internship so far I have been lucky enough to have some UK COD alumnae train me on these programs. They really are there to answer any questions I have, give me keyboard shortcuts, and just provide tips that will be useful to know about these programs that will help me throughout my career as a designer. It is great to stay in tune with these programs over the summer and it will help me further advance throughout the school year.

I have had many great opportunities thus far and cannot wait to see what comes next!

Beginning to End.

The design process – it is something that has been taught to me over and over and over again…and again. My professors stress its importance and emphasize its benefits. Design is truly a process that holds several steps. This is something that I have experienced first hand during my internship. I have had the privilege to observe many different projects in several different phases of the design process. 

I have been able to meet with a client who just bought a new office building and is starting from scratch. I have seen homes that have been redone in their entirety. Interestingly, I have met with a client who has used Pollert Design’s to design their current home. Now, this same client is moving and ready to redesign her future home. We are also working with two clients who have recently redecorated aspects of their home, and now they are seeking to redo them all due to poor design. I find these particular clients very interesting because they showcase the importance of our job. Sometimes, I forget hoe important the interior design profession is until I see it done poorly. 

Overall, this week has been working with the same clients from weeks past. However, it has taught me that design is a process that must be overseen from beginning to end. Below, I have included pictures of a clients completed kitchen and dining area! This is one of the biggest kitchens for a residential space — and check out the tile wall in the dining room. 



Big City Dreams: Nate Berkus Associates Design Intern

Being an intern is one of the most valuable life experiences a college student can have. It is a way to gain valuable life lessons and tools for life after graduation. I was blessed with an opportunity of a lifetime this summer with Nate Berkus Associates in Chicago, Illinois. Being a Design Intern for Nate Berkus Associates, in one of the most beautiful cities, has truly been an amazing experience. This is a firm that concentrates on high-end residential and commercial projects, and creative consultation.Being able to assist such a talented group of designers for the summer is an opportunity that I will never forget.

Every morning, I wake up and take a 6:50 am train into downtown Chicago to be at work by 9:00 am. Some may say this is a crazy commute, but I happen to really enjoy it! The commute is a wonderful time for me to catch up on the latest design blogs, some morning sketches, and the most wonderful sightseeing, which leads to impromptu photo sessions. Some of my favorite pictures come from walking over the Franklin Bridge, walking past the Merchandise Mart, and the beautiful skyline.

As I arrive, my day immediately begins. I have many tasks and responsibilities that help the designers with all of the projects they are working on. My days consist of AutoCAD projects, trips to the merchandise mart, researching different products, specifying materials in the materials library, and helping the designers with anything else they may need. Being able to contribute to the design process has been exciting and insightful to my own designs. I have even begun collecting ideas for my own apartment back in Lexington, Kentucky.

In the next few weeks, I will be sharing my personal photography and experiences through this blog about my summer with Nate Berkus Associates. As a young designer, I am thrilled to be in the city I love, living the absolute dream. It is going to be amazing.

– C


Out and About

This past week I have gone many places with my internship. I have traveled to Greensburg, Indianapolis, and various other places in central Indiana. I rarely found myself in the office, and I truly love this aspect of interior design. A desk job is not something I would look forward too, and its nice that each place I went too was different. For example, I have entered into several different kinds of homes, and even ventured to Santarossa – a company that designs different types of stone countertops, backslashes, and tiles. 

One particular home in which I visited was a retirement home in Indianapolis. This was a unique facility in that each apartment had a different floor plan and overall layout. We helped finish a woman’s apartment – a job Bruce had been in the process of completing. This was a standout job because this woman happened to have an old piece of furniture that she had found in her previous home. It is a drop front desk that belonged to an attorney in Indiana. Letters within the desk had been donated to the Indiana historical society, and the woman plans on eventually donating the desk itself. Another drop front desk can be found in the Kentucky Historical Society Museum in Frankfort, KY. Below is a picture of the desk found in the apartment (looks like a chest of drawers) along with a screen shot of the one found in the Kentucky Museum! 

 Image          Image


Another new place I was able to go this past week was Santarossa. This is a company that has a wear house in Indianapolis. It has several different types of countertop options such as: tile, terrazzo, stone fabrication, stone restoration, quartz countertop, marble and granite countertops, and stained-polished concrete. That was my first time experiencing a wear house of stone. It basically housed large pieces of granite, marble, and quartz. I was amazed at the many different options and intrigued by the different types of products! We were able to search through the wear house with our many clients in mind. 

In addition to my first experience into a countertop wear house, I also had my first experience with an upholstery place. It is a small family run upholstery shop that consisted of an open room of maybe 6 individuals. Each one was working on a different project. It is amazing at how much hard work into reupholstering a piece of furniture. The finished product may be a beautiful piece; however, I don’t know if people realize all the tedious labor that it takes to get the end result. This is why it is common that to reupholster something may be more expensive than purchasing a new piece.

Overall, I really enjoyed the many different places I was able to go this past week. Getting “out and about” is a very appealing aspect of this profession. You never know what interesting items people may have in their homes. Furthermore, it is great to get hands on experience in the other aspects of interior design – like upholstery and stone work. I am eager to see where this next week will take me!