The beginning, well kind of..

I have an internship at Pedigo Design Here in lexington KY. They are a residential firm that do anything from face lifts, design consultations, space planning, full home renovations, to architectural design. I started with them may 2014, and since they have asked me to stay for fall semester I have decided to take it as credit. I will be documenting my journey through the internship here, so that you can follow along and see the progress we have made though these past months and what is to come for the future. 

Pedigo Design currently has many clients; this past summer I spent researching materials, making spec books, getting quotes, ordering materials and most importantly, client meetings. Now that we have made all of our selections it’s time for instillation and putting the spaces together. It has been rewarding seeing the process of installation. Seeing a project come to life is something we don’t get to experience in studio, so this internship has let me see a project in all phases.

With one of the of our current clients, Ms. Abbott, Her home was to be done by this holiday weekend for her family party. Old world was the inspiration or theme of her home. It was filled with rich fabrics, and bold colors like reds, golds, and olive green. I came into hers half way though, but i still got the opportunity to select fabrics, and furniture pieces for her home. It now looks amazing; between the light fixtures to the louis style chairs, she was very pleased to see the final product.  

This coming week we will be doing more instilation and continuing more process work for our clients. 


Until next time, 


UK interiors Student 


Wrapping Up The Summer

Well, my summer internship is coming to an end. It has definitely not slowed down any though. This week was full of AutoCAD. We are currently working on the basement that I mentioned previously in my last blog. We worked on many optional layouts for the basement and put them on template for the client to have a look at. I am excited to see what they choose so we can start picking out finishes for the renovation. It has been a great project for me to really work with, because I have learned so much about CAD that I did not know before.

Although it is the end of my internship, it is not the end of working with Deborah Drury. She has been a fabulous mentor and we will continue to work together through the school year. I have gained so much knowledge about the world of interior design while working with Deborah this summer and I could not be more grateful for my experience. I went on many show room visits, familiarized myself with different products and materials, worked with many different companies, met several sales reps, accompanied Deborah on one-hour consultations and installations, and lastly worked on CAD and other computer programs. It was a successful summer and I am extremely happy to have learned so much!

This is my last entry and I hope you have enjoyed reading about my summer. Now the countdown until first classes start begins. See y’all then!