Internship with Pedigo

This week at Pedigo was rather slow yet, stressful as some points. I have learned a lot about this business and the field as a whole since the beginning. This week we had some mishaps in the tile pricing for a client so I spent a lot of time working with pro source and reviewing the floor plans to make sure everything was correct with the workers there to be sure there would be no more mishaps through out the rest of the project, and so that we stay on budget.

I got another opportunity to pick out lighting for a client’s closet, she wanted to stay with something that was a statement piece yet, still a classic piece. I looked though some of Kentucky Lighting and Ferguson options but was not successful, so I turned to Visual comfort lighting and found some other options that we can move forward and show the clients. The image below shows one of the options I selected. I felt that it fit well with the theme and style as well as wouldn’t serve as a “dust collector” as the client would say.

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.17.33 PM

Although I do not get to make final calls, I at least get to give my opinions. Ben normally gives me a task such as furniture, material, or light selection, and then I present him some ideas and he decides which one to goes with. Even on weeks where things are crazy busy and hectic I feel that I get to play a part in the design process which has really made this experience so much better.


Another Week, Another New Job!

This week at Pedigo I continued to visit one of our clients house for installations, the kitchen    cabinets and hardware have been on its way and in the process of finishing up. All the upstairs lights have been put in its place and the electricians have came in to install them.

We ran into a few problems on the way. we were short 4 knobs and had order more trims for the recessed lights. So on wednesday I had to go to Willis Klein to order a few more knobs and Kentucky Lighting to order more trims. That was a small set back, but we have other things to occupy our time until they come in. The house is turning out nicely and can’t wait to see it all finished!

From doing the home show and all the publicty Pedigo has been receiving, we have gotten a lot of new clients. Ben, the assistant gave me one of the new clients this week and put me in charge of getting all the prices for the lighting, cabinets, appliances, etc for them. Since I have done a lot of pricing for them through out this summer and semester, i’m very familiar with where to go for each item and request a quote.

I also got the opportunity to go back and visit a home that we finished at the end of summer. The last time I got to see it was when the furniture was going in and being placed. This time the curtains and the accessories were all placed and it turned out very nicely. She was pleased, and so was I.

Can’t believe this semester is half way done but I feel that my time at Pedigo has really helped me learn about this field of work on a whole new level. I’ve seen projects from the beginning and now some that are being finished up.

Crazy Week on the job site!

This week was definitely crazy, but I sure enjoyed getting to be on scene for the development of this project. For one of our client’s they are in the installation phase of their project. Many things have been delivered and ready to go, so now is the part where we get to see the project start to come to life.

Up to this point in the project, we have done all the planning, selection of materials, ordering, the addition to the home has been added on and finally enclosed. So the next step is the interiors. Painting and architectural details first!

The floors got refinished over the weekend, so monday I went to the home to cover the floors with roslin paper to protect them. The looked great; we used a darker stain so it really made a dramatic difference.

I had to go check in with the painters and contractors to make sure all was looking good. The painters had gotten the wallpaper in the master room finished. It is a textured wallpaper and something I probably wouldn’t have thought to used in a space but turned out looking great. They also had the the daughters room painted the teal she has been dreaming of. The picture below shows how those two rooms are coming together as of now.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.31.45 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.31.55 AM

The biggest delivery and of the week was the kitchen cabinets, many boxes filled the space. As you can see below, it was a crazy amount of boxes. The contractors were still in the process of installing it but it was off to a good start.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.31.30 AM Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.31.24 AM

One thing I have really liked about this project was that I saw it from the beginning and will be able to see it ll the way through. So far they have added on a whole addition to the back of the house really opening up the room; creating another full bath and an extra room. I have gotten to see all the exposed area’s of the home like this picture of the master bath showing all the piping and inner wall parts.

Screen Shot 2014-10-11 at 12.31.39 AM

I’m really excited about this project, and can’t wait to see the final results. The project has a few more months until the deadline but we are working hard to accomplish it!

A New Perspective: Observational Reflections

As the Healthcare Design Studio moves forward with their collaborative research project, students will be reflecting on their experiences. Jessica Funke, stated that “Getting to watch how nurses, doctors, and techs interact within their environments has helped me understand why what we are doing is so important, and how we can better design these types of spaces. In the patient room we mainly focused on patient and family design, but for the rest of the project we will have a larger opportunity to focus on the caregivers spaces. Seeing how they work is invaluable to the design process. Most of us have had experiences in hospital rooms as a patient or a family member, so we can relate to the patient’s experience. None of us have ever worked in a hospital, so to get the perspective of a caregiver is so helpful in the design process. Marrying the patient/family space with the caregiver space is a unique challenge, but I believe now that I have observed I can make educated decisions about the design.”DSCF3888

Another Week at Pedigo!

This week I got the chance to do many things, from paint schedules, to lighting bids, and even price sheets for clients.

For one of our clients we are in the construction portion of the design phase, we have been knocking out walls, adding 2nd stories, and putting in new floors. The next step we are moving to is installing lighting and painting. But, before the painters can start painting we needed to make a paint schedule. So that’s what I did, my supervisor gave me a template and then I filled in all the paints and how they corresponded to the various rooms. Almost all of the paint we use is from Sherwin Williams. The schedule includes, the room, the paint color, the paint finish, and the paint strength.  Here is a small portion of what it turned out to look like:

 Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 11.41.42 PM

The next task I was asked to complete was going and getting the lighting bids. So my first stop was at Kentucky lighting. I brought my plans with me and sat down with a gentleman that worked there and let him know what I needed. I needed a total of 70 Recessed lighting cans, 5 water friendly cans, 20 pieces of various sizes of under cabinet LED lighting, and strip lighting for under the vanities in both the master and powder bath. Going into this I didn’t know much about lighting but he was very helpful and explained a little more about lighting and the technical aspects, so now I have a better idea. He told me about the various size of cans, as well as the type of can depending on the type of construction. Since we are remodeling, we used the remodeling cans. I found it to be a very successful trip over there this week and learned a bunch doing it.

I also got to do pricing and specs for a client. As we are wrapping up the final touches, I have had to start making a price/spec document. We do all of our work for these types of documents in excel, so I have gotten a lot better at using it. What we do at Pedigo, is we make a spread sheet for each room of the home, and then combine all the final prices at the end. Our spread sheet contain all the plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, flooring, lighting, countertops; basically the whole deal.  It shows the quantity of an item, the vendor, and item code if applicable. It includes the freight and tax info on there as well so the client can see where their money is going in each room. It help them see that, and let us know where we are in the budget.

We have lots of big things coming up for next week, lot of installations! Nervous but excited!