Happy Holidays from Pedigo Design!

This semester has been great getting to work with Pedigo Design, I have been asked to stay on for the next semester which I couldn’t be happier to do because I will be able to see the current projects at their final stages.


Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.53.36 PM

Lately, I have been getting the house ready for christmas. Putting up the tree and hanging the lights all while getting stuff done for Clients.






Screen Shot 2014-12-23 at 2.53.49 PM


The Harris Project is now in demo, and lots of things has been underway over there. Ben and I went to do a house visit together and they were installing the tile and it was looking great!

For some of our other clients I have been doing some more pricing and specification books. They have made some changes since our last meeting so we had to go back and get some updated pricing. I had to finalize a look book so they also had a visual to see of what they final product could look like. Hopefully they will like it so we can move forward with the project!

I can’t wait to see what this new year has instore for the firm! I know great projects will be finishing up and I can’t to see what how they will turn out! Short break off for christmas but then back to work on monday!




My Professional Experience with Pedigo Design

While working at Pedigo Design I had many responsibilities, I did everything from running errands, drawings, space planning, material specs, and client visits. I had a lot of interaction with Lynn the head designer, and Ben, her assistant. I got to help them with all of their projects in all phases. I also got to interact with the contractors, anyone from the electricians to the painters, and even the various vender’s of where we purchased all the furniture and materials from. Going to house visits and client visits was an amazing opportunity because it’s something you don’t get to experience in school. Getting to work one on one with the client was great as well. I made lot of connections whether it be with sales reps, team members or the client themselves, it was a great networking opportunity.

I have gained so much through this experience, I have realized that although I loved working in a residential firm I may want to look into more of a hospitality firm or even a larger scale firm; just to be able to compare the difference of both. I plan to do this experience again with another firm so I get that opportunity to experience both sides of design, and get a better idea of what I want to do in the future. I would really recommend this type of opportunity to anyone, but especially design majors. There is so much in design that you can only experience in the real world. I feel ahead of the game in my own major because I did this. As I start to get up in my higher level classes I notice myself knowing the information more and more before we even get to it. I think this could be beneficial to any major then. Nothing is more important then getting out in the real world and putting all your skills to the test. Plus you make so many connections with people that it could help you land a job for once your done with school, which is always a plus!

The experience as a whole has completely enhanced my learning, I have been more informative of all the processes that you don’t get to do in school. Such as the biding process, working with a budget, and getting to be on site during a project installation. I have been able to learn so much through the other designers at the firm. From beginning in school, I was able to do spec books and material boards right once I walked in with little direction. I also had an idea of the design process so I knew what to expect, it was more just adjusting to their methods of doing things! Being a professional was very important. Visiting the clients and the various vendors and manufactures I made sure I handled everything in a professional manor to resemble the good quality work from Pedigo Design. I have enjoyed my time with the firm. I think it was very beneficial for me to do this while in school, It gave me an idea of one of the directions I could possibly take with my career.


Internship Experience