Another Busy Week!

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was very busy and full of exciting tasks.  I ran a lot of errands and completed and array of tasks. We were playing a bit of catch up after all of the snow and bad weather from last week.  We have a lot of projects that are in full swing which is very exciting but can also be stressful.  It is so important to stay organized and flexible when so much is going on at once.

On Tuesday I was sent to the Louisville Tile showroom in Lexington to select and marble mosaic tile to match some marble tile selected for a project.  This is always exciting to be able to visit a showroom because it is great to see what products are out there.  With the help of the wonderful employees at Louisville Tile I was able to select two options that would be suitable.  I brought them back to the office and am waiting to see which one my boss selects.  Here are the two options I decided on!

IMAG4432 IMAG4433

On Thursday I had to drive to Louisville to pick up a chair for an install.  The offices upholsters are located in Louisville.  There was one chair that was not finished when the truck was leaving with the rest of furnishings so I had to make a special trip so that the chair could be installed with everything else.  This just shows how flexible you must be with your schedule in the design business and the importance of making things work so that the client is happy!  Everything was there right in time and the space looked beautiful and completed, in turn pleasing everyone.



This week I had a break from the floor plans while we wait to hear back from the client about our previous proposals. Around the office I organized the room and the materials lab in order to promote productivity. I cleaned off my desk, which was much needed, and organized the shelves surrounding. I also filed paperwork and organized client binders. Below is a picture showing the office before it was cleaned. My desk is in the foreground with the two computers.


As for working with clients, I made some more purchase orders for a current client. I emailed our contact at Taylor King and requested pricing so Carol can give the client an accurate proposal. I will then go on and type up the purchase order and send it to Taylor King to have it made. I also ordered a few products for a client from Williams-Sonoma. After I renewed our account with them I went ahead and placed the order online through their designer website. I went ahead and ordered samples from a couple of our other manufacturers as well; one for a current project and others to have in stock in our materials lab.

On the technical side, I transferred all the current client files and autocad floor plans to the new computer. I am now working on the new computer full time. We got a new fax number so I called around to all our vendors and manufacturers and made sure they had the updated information. I also went through and updated our list of contacts and our passwords/account numbers/etc. and reprinted this. This is an efficient way for me to reference our point of contact and our account information with all of our manufacturers on one alphabetical list.

What I learned out of this week is that organization is key in running an efficient business. Keeping clients files in order helps you later when you need to bill them for your services and products ordered. Having organized resources readily available help your time efficiency because you don’t need to look them up constantly. Having an organized materials lab helps you quickly find the product you are looking for. Staying on top of filing also makes it easier to reference past documents for insurance purposes. Organization is key to a successful business.

Kentucky Farm!

This past week I was finally able to work on our big Kentucky farm we are working on! I am super excited about this project and can’t wait to do a site visit! I found out all the materials and got to make the design boards that were then given to the clients. It was actually pretty cool because I was able to put my photoshop and Indesign skills to work. I made rendered elevations so the client could get a better idea of materiality. I attached some of my boards below. Ben and Lynn have a meeting with them Friday so Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but I am excited to hear what they think about the design.

Kentuckiana Farm powder Bath

Kentuckiana Farm Kitchen

Kentuckiana Farm Master Bath

The Harris project is still underway, some things have slowed down a little with some of the kinks we still needed to work out. My next step in their project is too find more hardware for their drapery for their home and to get the doors when they are delivered!

Since we have been so busy, Lynn and Ben have decided to go ahead and hire another person to help out, because of the growth in our office we are needing to do more arranging. This is very exciting because lynn will be getting the more private room and we will be getting the larger room. I get to do some of the research and find the furniture options for that. I can use the knowledge from this years work place studio to implement it into our own office, such as work modes and theories of positive work places experiences. This way we will get more space for materials and then are able to spread out a little more. I will be traveling up to ikea here soon to get some office furniture, so that will be exciting.

This upcoming month will be a blur with me not being there as often as I am, so the extra help will be nice. With all these other travels coming up for school and spring break I’ll be busy as always, I am sure I will still to get some other stuff done while i’m away.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, with much more to come in the following week.



Deadlines and Schedules

This week was extremely chaotic in order to meet the deadlines for the Morehead project I have been working on. I spent the majority of my week rendering really large files and making title blocks for these to be sent out. I spent hours and hours waiting on these renderings to work (while really bored and anxiously staring at my computer screen), and I had to teach myself some ways to make time move quicker for rendering. One thing that I learned about making a rendering go beyond half the speed is copying the huge file and pasting it into a blank sketchup file. From there, select all and scale the entire model down. Rendering a 5,000 square foot building could easily turn into a 1,000 square foot building and render that much faster. Below are some of the renderings I did that are going to be sent to the government for review and potential build.

This week I also had my second lunch and learn where I was able to learn a lot about the opportunities available for Armstrong ceilings. I cannot wait to implement them in my next school-budget free project. The expense is dramatic for these really intricate ceilings, but they really add an extra plane into the designs by shape, form, color, dimensions, value, shadow, etc.

I met with Lindsey this week for a short time and gave a tour of CMW. I am now hoping to work on a healthcare grant this summer with her!

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.39.08 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.38.59 PM

Back to Work!

After a week off from the bad weather, this week was really busy! The first project that I worked on was a “document storage room”. The sales person had previously completed the offices space, but the company needed additional storage for their documents. The space was very small but had tall ceilings, so we specified more vertical storage solutions. We ended up using four, forty-eight inch wide and eighty-inch tall storage cabinet. Additionally we used four, four-high lateral files. A four- high lateral file refers to the number of drawers that the file has. The customer also wanted a workspace to sort through documents. I put a seventy-two inch work surface in the corner with a three high lateral file. I placed the lateral file underneath the work surface so it could support the desk.

Next, I worked on an office space in a large corporate office space. The customer required a large amount of work surface space due to the job description. While working on this space, a problem that I encountered was how narrow the space was. This definitely limited the layout options for this space. The customer also stressed that she wanted us to focus on noise control. Because of this, I added monolithic panels along the work surface for noise control. This also helped achieve her goal of a more private office space. The user has a job where she deals with sensitive documents. The panels help in eliminating some of these privacy concerns.


Matthew Carter Interiors

This week was very slow at Matthew Carter Interiors due to the bad weather Lexington experienced.  I continued work on a few Cad drawings and then sent them off to the contractor on the project and also a cabinetry company.  This took a few phone calls and there were a few questions to answer but other than that is was a very simple process. I am starting to become more familiar with professional we consult with and they are starting to get to know me which is very nice and makes work easier.  Having these connects not only is nice in my current workplace but I also think it is always good to know as many people in the design industry as possible.

Also, we had a few fabrics we were ordering that ended up being on back order and we needed them right away.  It is generally my job to find replacements for fabrics whenever this happens.  Again a simple task but still very important and can take up a lot more time then one would imagine.  I was able to find suitable replacements and get them ordered and on their way to the upholsters!

We had a rep come in from Kravet and show us all of the new materials they have in this year. It is always great to be int the office when a rep comes in not only to see all of the exciting new products they have but also to build a relationship with them.  It makes it much easier to remember them and for them to remember you if you meet in person. Reps are always very nice and so helpful to me as an intern.  The rep from Kravet showed me a great tool on their website that lists all of their discontinued books and products so I can keep the office up to date.  He also showed me some great design tools such a AutoCad blocks and reduced prices on fabrics!

Here are some of the drawings I did for a master bedroom closet.Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.07.12 PM

A Snow Filled Week!

The schedule at the office was a little thrown off by all of the snow that we got this week here in Lexington! A lot of appointments were rescheduled and schedules were readjusted, but it all seemed to work out. It just worked as learning experience for me because it shows that not everything will work out perfectly and schedules will change, but you have to be able to adjust and communicate effectively with the people you are working with.

I spent all of my time this week with Nancy, the primary residential designer at the firm. I helped her transfer her hand drafted plans for a bathroom in a client’s home into AutoCad and from the plans I then created multiple iterations of how we could adjust the plan to accommodate what the client was looking to change. From the plans I created elevations of the different options as well as help to create tile layouts for the bathroom. We then visited ProSource to get samples of the tile options that we could show to the client during our meeting at the office on Friday. ProSource is a flooring supplier that only services people that are in the trade like contractors, architects, or designers for example. We also picked out grout colors to go with the tile. When we came back to the office I was given the task of choosing options for the fixtures throughout the bathroom including the shower head and sink faucets. It is important to give the client multiple options, but I had to keep in mind the aesthetic feel that the client leans towards.

When preparing for the meeting with the client I had to prepare all of the AutoCad work I had done and print it so that it would be presentable when the client came in. I helped to layout all of the material we had gathered for the client meeting in the materials lab where we have large tables for presentations or material layouts. I sat in with Nancy during the meeting and it was beneficial because I got to see how the interaction between the designer and the client works. Also, because it is a residential project it is more personal and the client really wanted our input on all of the decisions and she valued it. It was also great for me because even though she knew I was an intern she valued me and she asked me for my opinion on the fixture choices and layouts because she knew I had been working on it along with the designer.

The other task we had to do was check in on a project that had already been started by the contractors. Nancy and I went out to the house just to make sure that everything was going as planned and on schedule. It was just a quick walk-thru, but it was nice to see a project that was in the middle of the construction phase to see how it works and looks.


Overall it has been a very beneficial week and here are some pictures: