A Snow Filled Week!

The schedule at the office was a little thrown off by all of the snow that we got this week here in Lexington! A lot of appointments were rescheduled and schedules were readjusted, but it all seemed to work out. It just worked as learning experience for me because it shows that not everything will work out perfectly and schedules will change, but you have to be able to adjust and communicate effectively with the people you are working with.

I spent all of my time this week with Nancy, the primary residential designer at the firm. I helped her transfer her hand drafted plans for a bathroom in a client’s home into AutoCad and from the plans I then created multiple iterations of how we could adjust the plan to accommodate what the client was looking to change. From the plans I created elevations of the different options as well as help to create tile layouts for the bathroom. We then visited ProSource to get samples of the tile options that we could show to the client during our meeting at the office on Friday. ProSource is a flooring supplier that only services people that are in the trade like contractors, architects, or designers for example. We also picked out grout colors to go with the tile. When we came back to the office I was given the task of choosing options for the fixtures throughout the bathroom including the shower head and sink faucets. It is important to give the client multiple options, but I had to keep in mind the aesthetic feel that the client leans towards.

When preparing for the meeting with the client I had to prepare all of the AutoCad work I had done and print it so that it would be presentable when the client came in. I helped to layout all of the material we had gathered for the client meeting in the materials lab where we have large tables for presentations or material layouts. I sat in with Nancy during the meeting and it was beneficial because I got to see how the interaction between the designer and the client works. Also, because it is a residential project it is more personal and the client really wanted our input on all of the decisions and she valued it. It was also great for me because even though she knew I was an intern she valued me and she asked me for my opinion on the fixture choices and layouts because she knew I had been working on it along with the designer.

The other task we had to do was check in on a project that had already been started by the contractors. Nancy and I went out to the house just to make sure that everything was going as planned and on schedule. It was just a quick walk-thru, but it was nice to see a project that was in the middle of the construction phase to see how it works and looks.


Overall it has been a very beneficial week and here are some pictures:



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