Matthew Carter Interiors

This week was very slow at Matthew Carter Interiors due to the bad weather Lexington experienced.  I continued work on a few Cad drawings and then sent them off to the contractor on the project and also a cabinetry company.  This took a few phone calls and there were a few questions to answer but other than that is was a very simple process. I am starting to become more familiar with professional we consult with and they are starting to get to know me which is very nice and makes work easier.  Having these connects not only is nice in my current workplace but I also think it is always good to know as many people in the design industry as possible.

Also, we had a few fabrics we were ordering that ended up being on back order and we needed them right away.  It is generally my job to find replacements for fabrics whenever this happens.  Again a simple task but still very important and can take up a lot more time then one would imagine.  I was able to find suitable replacements and get them ordered and on their way to the upholsters!

We had a rep come in from Kravet and show us all of the new materials they have in this year. It is always great to be int the office when a rep comes in not only to see all of the exciting new products they have but also to build a relationship with them.  It makes it much easier to remember them and for them to remember you if you meet in person. Reps are always very nice and so helpful to me as an intern.  The rep from Kravet showed me a great tool on their website that lists all of their discontinued books and products so I can keep the office up to date.  He also showed me some great design tools such a AutoCad blocks and reduced prices on fabrics!

Here are some of the drawings I did for a master bedroom closet.Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.07.12 PM


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