Kentucky Farm!

This past week I was finally able to work on our big Kentucky farm we are working on! I am super excited about this project and can’t wait to do a site visit! I found out all the materials and got to make the design boards that were then given to the clients. It was actually pretty cool because I was able to put my photoshop and Indesign skills to work. I made rendered elevations so the client could get a better idea of materiality. I attached some of my boards below. Ben and Lynn have a meeting with them Friday so Unfortunately I will not be able to attend, but I am excited to hear what they think about the design.

Kentuckiana Farm powder Bath

Kentuckiana Farm Kitchen

Kentuckiana Farm Master Bath

The Harris project is still underway, some things have slowed down a little with some of the kinks we still needed to work out. My next step in their project is too find more hardware for their drapery for their home and to get the doors when they are delivered!

Since we have been so busy, Lynn and Ben have decided to go ahead and hire another person to help out, because of the growth in our office we are needing to do more arranging. This is very exciting because lynn will be getting the more private room and we will be getting the larger room. I get to do some of the research and find the furniture options for that. I can use the knowledge from this years work place studio to implement it into our own office, such as work modes and theories of positive work places experiences. This way we will get more space for materials and then are able to spread out a little more. I will be traveling up to ikea here soon to get some office furniture, so that will be exciting.

This upcoming month will be a blur with me not being there as often as I am, so the extra help will be nice. With all these other travels coming up for school and spring break I’ll be busy as always, I am sure I will still to get some other stuff done while i’m away.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, with much more to come in the following week.




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