This week I had a break from the floor plans while we wait to hear back from the client about our previous proposals. Around the office I organized the room and the materials lab in order to promote productivity. I cleaned off my desk, which was much needed, and organized the shelves surrounding. I also filed paperwork and organized client binders. Below is a picture showing the office before it was cleaned. My desk is in the foreground with the two computers.


As for working with clients, I made some more purchase orders for a current client. I emailed our contact at Taylor King and requested pricing so Carol can give the client an accurate proposal. I will then go on and type up the purchase order and send it to Taylor King to have it made. I also ordered a few products for a client from Williams-Sonoma. After I renewed our account with them I went ahead and placed the order online through their designer website. I went ahead and ordered samples from a couple of our other manufacturers as well; one for a current project and others to have in stock in our materials lab.

On the technical side, I transferred all the current client files and autocad floor plans to the new computer. I am now working on the new computer full time. We got a new fax number so I called around to all our vendors and manufacturers and made sure they had the updated information. I also went through and updated our list of contacts and our passwords/account numbers/etc. and reprinted this. This is an efficient way for me to reference our point of contact and our account information with all of our manufacturers on one alphabetical list.

What I learned out of this week is that organization is key in running an efficient business. Keeping clients files in order helps you later when you need to bill them for your services and products ordered. Having organized resources readily available help your time efficiency because you don’t need to look them up constantly. Having an organized materials lab helps you quickly find the product you are looking for. Staying on top of filing also makes it easier to reference past documents for insurance purposes. Organization is key to a successful business.


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