Working from home…

So this week was a little out of the ordinary due to the weather. I didn’t get to work my normal hours from the office, but I was luckily able to get the experience of working from home. It is definitely a little different because of the multitude of available distractions. I definitely think I prefer working from the office with people nearby.

Monday the office received a project in Morehead, Kentucky. This project is a multi-use fire station and police station. I have been designated to create a sketchup model and make renderings for the governor to take to D.C. next Friday and present it. This project is by far the largest thing I have ever worked on as far as importance and the pressure is on. I am almost finished with the model and then only have to wait for the renderings and spend some time editing in hopes that I can impress the actual House of Representatives.

I am relieved to have gotten out of the house, and have been working like crazy in the office since I have. I have gotten to work with the president, a landscape architect, of CMW closely this week in the project. I learned a lot about parking lot codes and regulations are far as how many spots, how many handicap, what kind of plants are most efficient for our landscaping in Kentucky, etc. This has definitely turned in to a learning experience for things I never thought I would ever need to know. I like knowing these things though and I am glad that I can hopefully implement correctly them in the future knowing that I work with both landscape architects and engineers where it really matters!

On the side of the chaos of this project, I have also been working on the prospectus for E-Town still. It is definitely coming along and the research has taken hours to process. I have learned a lot about the demographics of Elizabethtown! Now it is just waiting until the clients come back with what they like!

Part of the model that I am working on for the Police/fire station!

Part of the model that I am working on for the Police/fire station!

Being snowed in is the worst!

Being snowed in is the worst!


Working during this ARTIC BLAST!

It’s been a snowy and bitterly cold week here in lexington and most things have been shut down. Many schools and business have been shut down all week, but us at pedigo have still been busy at work. Although we were out for the beginning of the week we have managed to get some stuff done as well.

This week I have done a lot of work with a past client and trying to wrap up some of their interior selections, I have searched through furniture manufactures such as Bernhardt, Frontgate, Ballard Design, American Drew and Century Furniture. I have been in search for lamps, end tables and console tables that will fit with the current design. It’s one of my favorite parts to participate in, getting to pick out selections that they may use.

We got in this months TOPS magazine and we were plaesed to see that Lynn Pedigo was in it this month. She was recognized for the many homes and horse farms she has designed in the past years here in the Lexington area. She was also called out on her amazing hand drawings and how much detail she puts into them. I think this is very cool for Lynn and her company. Another step up and another recognition from the public.

Our big project in session right now is a kentucky farm, and it is coming along great. We have purchased many antiques for the home, and started picking out many interior selections as far as tile, backlashes, kitchen cabinetry, and many light fixtures. I have yet to be on site for that project but can not wait to go and see it!

This week I received a link from Ben that I found very helpful. It was a cheat sheet for designers that lay out the basics. It is very helpful I thought listing out the basic door styles, chair types, tile patterns, molding types, etc. it’s something just to have a quick reference if I need it. I attached it below.

Cheat Sheets!

We stay busy at work during this cold arctic blast we having this week! Hope Everyone stays warm!


Another Week!!

This week I went to work and mainly was in contact with different manufacturers about ordering specials or a product. A special is when you have to make an adjustment to an order by changing the typical configurations of the product. For this special I was ordering mail slots for a business that needed furniture and storage for a mailroom. The problem was that the space had to fit 200 mail slots and the storage unit the sales rep specified only had 170. So when I called the manufacturer of the line we had to specify additional shelves for the space to meet the requirement of 200 slots. Once I figured out the number I had to call the local representative and place the order and put a rush on the order.

Next, I went on to do a new drawing for an IT company that needed power though their worktables. They decided to go with Bivi, a benching system by Turnstone (a company is part of Steelcase). Because the customers requested the workstations to be centrally located, the users would not able to get power through the wall outlets. So I had to specify a worktable that had power in the table.

After this, I was able to send different upholstery options to a customer. This customer bought seating from the company a few years before and they needed to be reupholstered. Unfortunately, the previous textile had been discontinued. I was able to select a few different options that were similar to the previous upholstery.IMG_5149

Small Details

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was fairly calm.  I worked on a closet detail for a client.  Again I was reminded of how important it is to always put the clients needs first.  I drew up some plans based off of the floor plans and items that the client requested.  After many emails we were able to decide on a layout that would work best for the home owners.  When in school I often lose sight of how someone not familiar with design reads drawings.  There are many details that I often assume are implied.  However, when working with a client they want to see everything drawn out.  Because of this it is a bit more time consuming and you have to be very detailed in your drawings so that the client feels comfortable with your designs decisions.  This seems to be true especially in residential design because not only does the client have little design knowledge but also since it is their home most likely they are being extra careful to get everything perfect.

We are continuing to receive new books and samples and part of my job is keeping track of them.  This is something that is very simple however I realize how important it is more and more everyday.  There have been many times when my boss is trying to find something quick and needs me to find it.  It is so important to stay organized and have a system for where everything is that way no time is wasted searching for a misplaced sample.  Also, it is much more difficult than one would image to keep things organized.  Items are always getting moved around and it is critical to keep track of them so that the office can stay organized which helps it to function properly.

Here is an image of some new books we received and I included a picture of one of the office dogs just because!



-Sarah Ann

Learning through Listening

This week has been full of speaking with representatives. First we met with the Maharam rep and she spoke about all of the new products that just got released. Most of it was textiles, but they also are just getting into digitally printed wallpaper and a new carpet line. We then had a visit from the Heimburger Group. They represent multiple fabric, flooring, furniture, and lighting companies. They came in and showed updates on Pindler & Pindler fabrics, Stout Brothers Fabrics, Michael’s Textiles, Unique Fine Fabrics, Motif Designs Rugs Collection, and Massoud Furniture. They represent a wide variety of companies so it is really impressive to see how much they know and memorize from pricing to the names of all the different textiles. It is interesting to see all of the newest products that are on the market. Although some of the companies have similar graphics or patterns they seem to find a way to differentiate themselves through colors, price, or material. Learning about materials is one of the most important parts of the business and I am fortunate to get a lot of exposure in this area.

Although we did speak to a few reps we also had other work to do. We are currently pulling furniture and lighting options for a residential project and Amy chose a bunch of lighting options she liked and I was given the task of finding the same feel or same shape of the fixtures at a cheaper rate. I have learned that budget comes before anything for most clients, even if they have the money to pay for a more expensive option they want you to find something more cost effective. That means that I as a designer have to be aware of a range of different manufacturers that have different price points.

I also go to work on one of Nancy’s residential projects. I took her hand rendered floor plan and transferred that to AutoCad. Then we worked on multiple iterations of furniture plans for the space to present to the client. The next is to show them to the client and we can then start pulling multiple furniture options that fit into the same measurements. It is great to see a project go from start to finish and to interact with the clients that you are working with. In the residential sector of the firm I have noticed that you connect on a different level then you do when working on commercial project because of course you are working within their home. You get to know your client and their likes and needs so that you can create a successful design for them.


Here are some pictures from this week:

2 4

Free Range

This week has really been a continuation of projects. We submitted 5 proposals to the client for the floor plan that I’ve been working on and we’re waiting to hear back from them. In the mean time I am working on a few proposals for the second floor of their home. Because there currently isn’t a second floor, we have free range with our proposals and the overall layout of the floor. The agreed upon requirements are that there are two bedrooms upstairs and a full bath. This leaves room for multiple options and multiple proposals.

In between working on the floor plans I have been working in the materials lab organizing and updating the products. I learned a big lesson throughout this process. One of the most difficult situations in proposing a material to a client is then finding out that it’s discontinued. It is important for firms to have the reps come back and weed out the discontinued products from the current. I took a trip over to DRC fabrics in Lexington in order to find fabric samples that would match one of the discontinued as well as looked in our own lab for alternatives. The lesson learned here is to continually keep updating the materials lab and having reps consistently bringing more products over. Below is a picture of our materials lab.

I am also still working on transferring files over from the old computer to the new one. Fortunately the autocads work together and there are no complications. It is imperative though that we make sure all the files make the transfer and are operable in case of future needs. Another lesson I’ve learned is that most clients are repetitive clients. They see that you did a great job for one request and so they come back in a few years for another and they tell their friends about it. That is a big reason of how businesses expand and your network grows.

Overall there were a lot of lesson’s learned this week and still lots of work to do!

Materials Lab

Our first lunch and learn

This week I was offered the job of making a prospectus for a large scale master plan in Elizabethtown. The landscape architects have been working on this plan, and now it is my job to provide marketing tactics in a brochure for companies to see and want to put their business into our plan. I have been doing a lot of research and forming graphics for the brochure. This is really funny because we are working on a prospectus in our studio right now, but in a very different way.

I am continuing to work on the website, but have been told that I am not going to do as much redesigning as I am just updating it. Not quite as much fun, but its what the budget is good for!

I got to meet with the sales rep from Knoll furniture. He talked for a long time about their different products and the available customization for everything they have as far as color, arrangement, combinations, etc. It was really interesting because this is the first time I have really seen systematic furniture as far as retailing goes and hearing about what little details have been included.

We finally had our first lunch and learn today! It was with Seward Associates in regards to cavity walls. It wasn’t that entertaining, but very informative as far what I need to know when working with the architects and engineers and how to use preventative measures associated moisture in construction.

Another cool thing about my office is that it is part of the Trolly Hop for the art gallery. So each month we get new works of art in the halls to see.

It hasn’t been too busy in the office for me this week because the other designer is out of the office, so I the projects are on hold until I have someone to consult with. But I am really enjoying doing the prospectus and website for the company.  I am also enjoying making all of the great contacts that I have as far as sales reps and manufacturers. It is all becoming really helpful now!

A few gallery hop pictures on our hallway walls

A few gallery hop pictures on our hallway walls

Patrick McShane of Seward Associates teaching about cavity walls

Patrick McShane of Seward Associates teaching about cavity walls

Informative details of how cavity wall barriers are used

Informative details of how cavity wall barriers are used