Space Planning!

This week I worked on many different projects. First, I began by doing a few revisions on projects that I started before spring break. Then I began to work on a higher education space. The client needed a lounge area for the entrance of the space. The client was not exactly sure what they were wanting so I space planned a few different options. Additionally, I sent the customer a few material options.

Next, I space planned an open office space that needed eight stations. One of the stations was private with 78-inch high panels and a sliding door. The remaining seven stations were 66-inch high stations with sliding doors as well. For the panels, I used stacking monolithic panels. Because of this, I could achieve the additional height requested. Additionally, the segmented panels allows for different upholstery options. This is desirable for most clients. All stations included a peninsula, return and desk. The peninsula had two guest chairs to accommodate customers. The stations also included a box-box-file, an overhead hutch for storage and a file-file. This project took me longer than usual because I used a system that I wasn’t very familiar with.

Lindsey came to visit!

Lindsey came to visit!

Finally, I was able to work on cleaning up the resource room. While I was gone there was a big project and the resource room was a mess! I was able to straighten it up and get it looking back to normal.


Back At It!

This week has been a week of office reorganization. I spent a few good hours reorganizing the “new” materials shelf that is on display in the office outside of the materials room. This shelf is now organized into lighting/ceiling fans, architectural/accessories, furniture, flooring, wall covering, etc. We keep this collection out in the office in order to have easy access to the newest products out there and for easy inspiration.

I then began my next project on completely reorganizing the materials room. I have previously organized it but now I am going back and alphabetizing every section as well as making sure all of the bingers are current. The manufacturers have been sending new products in the mail and there isn’t enough room for the new and the old so now it is time for me to go through and completely weed out the old.

On the business side of my job I have ordered quite a few products this week. From furniture to light fixtures and fabrics. I have ordered some new samples for clients and we have them laid out for them as you can see in the picture below.


Next week I will be continuing on in the materials room, and keeping up with purchase orders as well as anything else Carol needs.

Right Back at it

This week at Design Link was a busy one because all of the designers are working on different projects. Throughout the week I worked back and forth on two projects, one is a church interior renovation and the other is a residential project. The commercial side of the firm has actually done work with quite a few different church projects, especially when it comes to the kids and educational rooms. It is fun to see how they can turn a traditional church classroom into something really fun, interesting, and modern to help the students in their learning process. When working with a church though I have learned that budget is a huge factor, because a lot of their income is from donations. This makes it hard when picking furniture and finishes that will fit the vision.

As far as my work goes this week I did a lot of AutoCad work. I did a floor material layout for the church project, as well as several tile layouts for the bathroom areas in the space. This includes organizing the materials on the floor plan in a way that the contractor can quickly see exactly what flooring goes where and what manufacturer it comes from, along with the exact color or style name. All of this information is consolidated into one plan to make it easily communicated between all parties working on the project.

I also did some AutoCad work with the residential project that Nancy is currently working on. When the project came in the house already had plans created for it when the initial construction was done years ago, but they only had a pdf copy of the plans. So I was given a printed pdf and given the task of recreating it in Cad along with placing potential furniture inside a few of the spaces. First, I had to figure out if the scale on the print was accurate or not and of course it was not, but luckily I found the correct scale so I could move forward with measuring all of the walls and putting them in the drawing. When I was finished creating the floor plan and placing some furniture in I went on to create two more plans with alternate furniture layouts for the client, so that they can more easily brainstorm what they want for the space. I also, did some sketching for some drapery ideas for the space, which is always fun because in school we tend to lean more towards 3D renderings and I don’t get to do as much hand sketching. Overall, it has been a great week jam packed full of AutoCad and I am happy to be back at Design Link!


Here is a sketch from this week:


Another week at pedigo!

Although it was great getting out to see New york and visiting up at FRCH for spring break it’s time to get back and get some more work done. I had to do a lot to catch me up to pace at pedigo.

This week has consisted of multiple tasks.

First I had to go back and do another site visit to see the status of one of the projects and how it is coming underway. Still in good progress, the owner moves back into the home in a few weeks so I am trying to make sure things still go smoothly in order to make that deadline!

With one of the farms we are doing the lighting all came in this week so I had to make sure that was all labeled and then placed in a safe spot until it was needed on the site. Their home is still in the construction phase so we store some things in the office until it is needed so it does’t get misplaced over there. This is a very large project. I’m still in the phase of finishing up the spec book for them. This one has specs in volumes because of the scale of work we are doing for this client.

I have spent some time this week revisiting old clients because they have wanted us to help them with a few more things. I have done some furniture selections this week for various ottomans, night stands, as well as some consoles. we tend to work with Lexington Furniture for most of our projects, but occasionally when they do not have an item we need we look elsewhere.

It’s crazy that we are at the end of march already, So many projects have been in the making this year already so I have been busy busy busy! We will see what next week has in store!




Back at it.

After a few weeks out of the office due to spring break and our New York trip, the stack of work on my desk was extremely tall. Getting back into the groove of things was not a slow process, there was no time. I started back into the oncology and cath lab units in Corbin and the Living Water church right away. While continuing to meet with sales reps for places such as Binford Associates and Mees Tile and Marble, I was also focusing on learning a lot of new things in regards to details and construction. The Living Water Church that we are working on has a lot of custom casework and we are working to show construction details on it. I have learned a lot and taken home the CMW AutoCad handbook in order to memorize the names, meanings, colors, and line weights of the ridiculous amounts of layers they use here. After organizing everything and getting it together, I studied some previous detail casework from previous projects to learn how to make them efficiently. It is funny because we are currently working on detail work in studio, and I never realized how much that pertains to us. I am learning about how valuable different types of joints are and how everything is made. I find myself looking at things everywhere now and either wondering, or knowing, how the little pieces are constructed.

I have learned about some really cool products in regards to glass and tile this week as well. Glass versus resin is apparently a growing argument now with the green movement, and although the prices are substantially different, glass seems to be a better solution in many ways such as clean-ability, durability, and product solutions. I am meeting with the Mees representatives again next month to view the showroom with an architect in the office and learn about a really cool product they are just coming out with by trend. Extremely vibrant and flexible, and these tiles are beginning to come in a wallpaper. I am excited and hope to use them in the cath lab and oncology units we are working on.

After weeks of one of the designers here being in and out at times due to home issues, we are finally sitting down and talking business on these designs. I am looking at existing images to develop what I think they are looking for in regards to finishes. We are finalizing space planning. The designer I am working on this project with was one of the original partners of CMW and it is a little intimidating working so close to a professional that has been working in the field for almost 50 years. He is quite the healthcare expert and I am so happy with how much he is teaching me.

Meanwhile, I am also setting up for a CEU with VESDA, a leader in security and fire safety technology. It is interesting to see the kinds of lunch and learns that attract the most people. This is one of the highest in interest- something completely boring, but so relevant to learn about in this profession.Working on more than one project at a time is definitely something I enjoy doing. I am really grateful that I am having experience in all these fields and continuing to move so quickly. I like fast pace and definitely hope I don’t slow down. IMG_1022

The ridiculous materials board for Living waters church and studying some existing detail work for the custom casework details!

The ridiculous materials board for Living waters church and studying some existing detail work for the custom casework details!

And just like that..break is over.

Once my week spent at HOK ended, I was able to reflect on what a great experience it was.  Throughout the week I did get pretty exhausted from the full days of meetings, conversations, and interactions with so many new people.  Although it seemed to drain my energy by the early evening, I thoroughly enjoyed my week with HOK.

I realized once the week wrapped up, I didn’t spend all that much time with the interiors studio, and oddly enough I was okay with that.  I was really interested in the other studios, like landscape, lighting, and marketing.  It was interesting to see how all of the areas come together and work towards developing incredible projects of all different scales.

I will be able to reflect on this experience for many years to come.  I am very thankful to have met such a broad range of professionals.  I will be sure to keep in touch and network with my new connections!

Summary of my week!

Summary of my week!

final day at ID+A

At the end a long and exhausting spring break, I had my last day at ID+A. I started the day with Jill going over a presentation that she was giving to Herman Miller later that day. Although she thought she was boring me with facts and specifics, I actually really enjoyed learning more about the Herman Miller name and purpose. What I didn’t know about Herman Miller before was that they are very research heavy company.. They really do put a lot of effort and consideration past what we see aesthetically.

That afternoon, myself, Jill, the sales rep Caitlin, and Brittany, an interior designer at Cathy Burgess Interiors, had a great lunch at Shakespeare & Co. After lunch, Brittany took me on a tour of her office, and gave me the ins and outs of what goes on at her firm. It was nice to be able to see a different side of the design profession, one that deals with more private companies vs universities and government spaces that ID+A works with.