Perkins + Will NYC Day 1

Hello, hello!  I am writing from an apartment off of Broadway at Union Square Park, in downtown Manhattan!  This week I am shadowing at Perkins+Will on Park Avenue.

I would have loved to blog pre-arrival, but my traveling situation and a quick win at a the Broadway Musical ticket lottery has pushed my first blog to post-day 1.  So, I arrived in NYC Saturday evening after an additional hour in the air — my plane was put in a holding pattern waiting to land at JFK because of all the rain.  Anyway, I fended for myself with my gigantic luggage, navigating the subway, and made it to the place I am staying around dinner.  I am staying through Airbnb, which is a room-sharing, couch-surfing, apartment-lending site that can save you hundreds of dollars, so if you are looking to explore somewhere new on a budget, check it out!  My roommates are French, and I am staying in their spare room for the week.  Last night I went to Times Square, shopped a bit, and snagged a discount ticket to see Chicago, a musical on broadway that has been playing since 1996.  It was awesome, of course.  If you know the lead singer for Sugarland, the country band, well she played Roxy Hart.

So, just a little background.. P+W NYC is an office focusing mainly on healthcare, higher ed, and corporate.  Their office here holds about 80, and works mainly domestically, but has a few international clients that work with their NYC team.  This morning I arrived at Perkins+Will promptly at 8:57am, to find my HR point of contact was out sick.  And honestly, I could tell they had no idea what to do with me!  Unfortunately I had to wait a while for another manager to figure out my plan, but I was pulled into a meeting to wait so that was interesting.  It was a gigantic healthcare project that has been on-going since late 2012.  I was enjoying the meeting until a bit later, when it got very intense with budget and financial things.  I would love to tell you, but I am shadowing in confidence, so just basically the project is super over budget (shocking), the client keeps requesting change orders, the contractors try to weasel their way out of them or cheap out, and P+W can’t afford to keep putting in the man hours to make all these orders that are VE’d out anyway… well let’s just say my first hour in the office got real really quickly!

Later in the day, there was a Pallas vendor and Berhardt furniture presentations, and free food (hooray!).  I spent time in the corporate interiors department with a man who studied architecture in India, and got his masters in ID at Pratt (cue heavens rays).  I also spent a short time with a lady in the higher education department working on a master campus plan for a university in Connecticut.  I really clicked with her so hopefully I get to work with her more later in the week.  I finished the day with a lady who has worked at P+W D.C., so we bonded over Marylanding, and she has also worked at HOK in D.C., and now of course is in NY.  She explained some shop drawings for a NY-based project that is in it’s third stage of renovation here in Manhattan, a corporate office.  I got to look at the full document set and ask questions.  I may be helping her make notes later in the week.

S T A Y  T U N E D!


One thought on “Perkins + Will NYC Day 1

  1. Sounds like all is going good! Looking forward to seeing and hearing more about your experience over the week! Have fun!

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