I arrived in St. Louis last night and am staying with one of my best friends Lily. Her house ended up being less than 10 minutes from Christner! I was extremely nervous because I thought they were going to ask me to do something and I didn’t know how or forgot how to do it.. but today was very laid back!
Sam, an interior designer at the firm, gave me a tour around the office and then showed me the construction documents for the project she is working on. Then I called sales reps asking for samples for binders.. then off I was to a meeting with sales reps and a design team that is working on a cancer center.
What I enjoyed the most about my first day was that I might be interested in healthcare design now. Christner mostly does healthcare and I have never been exposed to it before so I just assumed it was very standard and not as exciting. I was wrong though! After seeing the projects and sitting in meetings it was very interesting and I want to learn more about it. The designers talked to me about how it makes them feel like they are contributing a positive experience to patients and it means a lot to them.
I am looking forward to experiencing more through out this week and I know I will love it at this firm.


One thought on “STL

  1. Meg – How awesome! So glad to hear you have a new appreciation for a new field of design! Looking forward to following your posts over the week – if you have the opportunity, we’d love to see some pics too!!

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