Whats next?

This week will be my last week at pedigo, sad but excited for what is about to come next. It’s crazy to think of all the opportunities that I have gotten to take advantage of through y time there. the countless people I have met and made connections with made it all the better.

I really enjoyed my time there and plan to keep up with the main project I have been working on all semester. It’s in it’s final stages and I have been able to see if from start to finish.  The Furniture and accessories have been slowly rolling in, I have been putting on lamp shades and places the last air vent so the house will be complete here in the next few weeks.

My next journey will begin at interspace on May 11th, 2015. I will be interning with them for the summer. It will be a different change of pace doing more commercial versus residential but that just mean there is so much more to learn. They also dabble in a little of healthcare design so that will be nice to get my feet wet in before returning in the fall.

It’s hard to believe I graduate next may, That my journey here at school is coming to an end so fast. But one thing I have realized that i’m in a field that I have the upmost passion for and can not wait to get out into the real world and put all my skills to the test!





The Finale

While working at CMW Inc. this semester, my main responsibilities included planning the Continuing Education events for the architects, engineers, designers, and landscape architects, meeting with sales reps on a weekly basis in order to learn the most up to date products to specify, selecting finishes for group based design concepts, and presenting my ideas to clients whether it be in house or on site.

I interacted with so many people and learned so many things. I worked one on one with sales reps on a regular basis to specify the materials that were most appropriate for the spaces I was designing. I also spent time with the architects in the office to continue to learn more about standards and codes. I worked with clients on a very intimate level of communication in regards to letting them have a say in what their visions were, while still maintaining the role of the professional of the field and giving my strong opinion based on function, durability, aesthetics, and safety and wellness of the users of the space. I was offered so many opportunities to sit in on meetings for the company in regards to marketing, continuing education, contractor and designer meetings, client consultations, and other business aspects of the company.

While working in the field, there are so many things that you learn that are not possible to learn in class. Although we spend our education learning how to think like a designer- in a very conceptual and functional way- it is impossible to learn how to do the appropriate documentation because those are standards that all companies hold. I have learned a lot about confidence working with clients in the field and presenting them with my best understanding of all product types and applications. This helps a lot in school because I can now bring back the physical documentation (sections, plans, details, etc) into my personal projects. I can also implement the best products because I have a much larger understanding of what is out there. Most importantly, I think that learning how to design under a budget is the largest thing I have been working with while outside of the classroom. I used a lot of conceptual ideas from class to add a creative twist under the circumstances of the designs. I have taken an outside of the box approach to healthcare and hospitality design that I have been working on at CMW. This experience has taught me more than anyone in a classroom can offer me.

This entire experience is a lasting job that continues to teach me more and more everyday. I am so happy that I was capable to have this experience. The connection with my future is- this is my future. I plan on designing just like this for the rest of my career and CMW has provided me the foundation to do just that in a stronger way. I will continue to design under a budget, have to work with architects, other designers, and clients on a regular basis, have to stay up to date on all new coming products with sales reps, and have to continue to document my research and design work in a standard way for contractors, architects, engineers, landscape architects, and other designers to understand. I would suggest to anyone that this experience is the most valuable thing that anyone (especially in subjective fields such as design) should do because it teaches things that a classroom cannot.


Busy Week

This was a busy last week. I am currently in the process of putting two floor plans into autocad, making floor plan proposals, and elevations for each of these floor plan options. Along with these floor plans I am finding and proposing furniture pieces to go along with each of them and adhering to the clients and Carol’s requests. The elevations need to be detailed enough that the client can understand what it is going to look like but rendering in photoshop was not required for this phase in either of the projects, if it’s going to be necessary at all. Because we just sent out initial proposals with multiple options it doesn’t make sense to render them until the client can make a decision to narrow down the options.

This week I also went and field measured for another project. This only took about an hour and a half because I was field measuring her living room and two of her modern chairs that she would like to keep in the space. I took lots of pictures to cover my basis so that if I have questions later I can refer back to them first instead of having to go back to the house. I also jotted down some quick notes while I was there of any ideas she had and so Carol could keep those in mind with her proposals. Afterwards I went back to the office and put it right into autocad. I didn’t have time to make proposals yet that will be my job for this next week.

Around the office I kept up with purchase orders, I made a few deliveries for some clients, and I organized around the office.

Client's Chair

A Week at Design Link

This week has been so busy, but so beneficial! I worked a little more than I usually do each week because I have to make up for some hours that I missed. Thursday I actually stayed for the whole day, which was fun because it is different than just being in the office for a few hours.

The designers didn’t get back from market until Wednesday, so they left me a good amount of work to do that lasted almost through the week. At the beginning of the week I continued to work on the presentation boards for the church project they are working on. They are doing six separate spaces within the church, so they wanted me to create six boards. Before they left they laid out what materials are going in which space and so I went through and cut everything to an appropriate size, because some of the carpet and tile samples come very large. After that I laid the materials out along with paint samples and floorplans of the spaces on their respective boards and waited for Jessica and Amy to get back to look over the layout and give me the okay to go ahead and glue and tape everything down. Once they did that I finished them up and made sure they all stuck to the standards of the office presentation boards and on Thursday some people from the church came to pick them up. They are setting them out at the church so that the congregation can look over them and see what exciting changes will be happening to the space!

I also did some AutoCad work for Nancy throughout the week. She left me with some drawings of a residential project she is working on and I took the hand drawn measurements and put them on the computer. It is easier this way for Nancy to see the actual relationship between the dimensions of the space and for us to place furniture in and get an accurate space allocation. She gave me a list of what furniture the client wants in her home and I placed it in in various sizes and layouts so that the client can look at the options and give Nancy feedback on what she thinks will work best for her.

Another exciting thing I got to be a part of this week was sitting in on and giving my opinion on who they are looking for for an intern for this coming summer. It was nice to know that they trust my opinion and that they value my insight!


Here are some pictures of the boards I was working on:

7 9

Wrapping it up!

 Wrapping up my last few weeks at Pedigo, Looking back on all the things I have learned over my time. I can not believe I have been there for a year already. I would completely recommend getting an internship to any young designer because you learn so much more then what you can learn in school!

For my last few weeks at pedigo, I have been doing a lot more running errands and getting some of new projects to different construction companies to bid some of our new projects.

One of the projects that I have been working with all semester is finally finishing up, The cleaning ladies have came through and cleaned the place so the furniture could be moved in as soon as it got in! Its crazy to see how much that house has changed in such a short time.

While working at Pedigo Design I had many responsibilities, I did everything from running errands, drawings, space planning, material specs, and client visits. I had a lot of interaction with Lynn the head designer, and Ben, her assistant. I got to help them with all of their projects in all phases. I also got to interact with the contractors, anyone from the electricians to the painters, and even the various venders’s of where we purchased all the furniture and materials from. Going to house visits and client visits was an amazing opportunity because it’s something you don’t get to experience in school. Getting to work one on one with the client was great as well. I made lot of connections whether it be with sales reps, team members or the client themselves, it was a great networking opportunity.

The experience as a whole has completely enhanced my learning, I have been more informative of all the processes that you don’t get to do in school; such as the biding process, working with a budget, and getting to be on site during a project installation. I have been able to learn so much through the other designers at the firm. From beginning

I have gained so much through this experience; I have realized that although I loved working in a residential firm I may want to look into more of a hospitality firm or even a larger scale firm; just to be able to compare the difference of both. I plan to do this experience again with another firm so I get that opportunity to experience both sides of design, and get a better idea of what I want to do in the future. I would really recommend this type of opportunity to anyone, but especially design majors. There is so much in design that you can only experience in the real world. I feel ahead of the game in my own major because I did this. As I start to get up in my higher-level classes I notice myself knowing the information more and more before we even get to it. I think this could be beneficial to any major then. Nothing is more important then getting out in the real world and putting all your skills to the test. Plus you make so many connections with people that it could help you land a job for once you’re done with school, which is always a plus! in school, I was able to do spec books and material boards right once I walked in with little direction. I also had an idea of the design process so I knew what to expect, it was more just adjusting to their methods of doing things! Being a professional was very important. Visiting the clients and the various vendors and manufactures I made sure I handled everything in a professional manor to resemble the good quality work from Pedigo Design. I have enjoyed my time with the firm. I think it was very beneficial for me to do this while in school; It gave me an idea of one of the directions I could possibly take with my career.

I have recently got accepted for a different internship with Interspace Design here in lexington, so I will be starting there the week after finals. I’m happy to get to continue the experience and learn more of the commercial aspect of design in the real work place!



Pedigo Design Overview!

Busy Week!

This past week was really busy!! We had two bids that we worked on. For the first bid, I worked a bid for a student lounge area. This was at a higher education facility. The rooms we worked on were a café, lounge, office space, classroom areas, and occasional seating spaces. The spaces were all very large so this bid package took a very long time. First, I ordered all the samples for the bid packaged. Next, I drew up a floor plan and made sure to check the plan against the quote to avoid any mistakes. After fixing the mistakes I found, I began working on the three-dimensional renderings. The last step I did was organizing and pulling all appropriate product literature.

The next thing I worked on was a reconfiguration of a space ORI worked on a few years ago. The space is now being used for a different purpose so the space needed to accommodate the new job constraints. This was a harder project for me because it was a product that I was not familiar with. I asked the sales people a lot of questions but they were very helpful.

Steelcase Group Work

Steelcase Group Work

A Jam Packed Week

This past week was a little crazy because all of the designers left on Saturday to go to market. They were trying to get a lot of work done or at least started before leaving and that required some of my help! Throughout the week I worked on AutoCad plans, layouts, sketches, ordering materials, and presentation boards.

Throughout the week I continued to look through the materials library and make sure that things were put away and ordered if need be, like I do every week. One specific manufacturer I ordered samples from was Bernhardt fabrics to restock and update our supply. I also worked with Nancy throughout the week on some AutoCad files. She has a few residential projects going on right now and it was my job to transfer her hand written sketches and measurements to AutoCad files. This is not always the easiest because sometimes the measurements don’t add up and we have to go back out to the property to double check or have the client measure and send them to us. Along with placing in the walls of the space I placed current and potential furniture in to create multiple furniture layouts for the clients.

Also, Jessica gave me the task of sketching out a few different drapery and window perspectives that needed to be sent in a presentation package to a client that lives a few hours away. This was so great because I felt like I was really contributing to the team, my sketches were good enough to be sent to the client and represent the designs that were established which is a great compliment. She had me draw these to help the client understand three dimensionally what the window treatments will look like in the spaces because it was hard for them to imagine the space with the interesting architectural features that occur in the space.

The rest of my time this week was dedicated to creating presentation boards for a commercial office project that they are working on. The office is doing a complete redesign and wants to really modernize the space, but still add in a few aspects that pull in the fact that they are a Kentucky based company. Jessica has come up with some really creative ways of doing this with wall graphics and color concepts throughout the space. At Design Link they have particular standards they use when creating presentation boards and after doing a few I got the hang of it. It is important to matte images and materials to help them to stand out from the background because they are the main focus of the board. When working on Jessica’s boards I went back and forth with her creating different layouts and changing the sizes of the plans, images, and materials that are on the boards to create something that is aesthetically pleasing and represents the company in a professional way. It was a jam packed week, but that makes it all the more exciting to be an intern!


Here is a picture of a sketch I did for Jessica: