A Jam Packed Week

This past week was a little crazy because all of the designers left on Saturday to go to market. They were trying to get a lot of work done or at least started before leaving and that required some of my help! Throughout the week I worked on AutoCad plans, layouts, sketches, ordering materials, and presentation boards.

Throughout the week I continued to look through the materials library and make sure that things were put away and ordered if need be, like I do every week. One specific manufacturer I ordered samples from was Bernhardt fabrics to restock and update our supply. I also worked with Nancy throughout the week on some AutoCad files. She has a few residential projects going on right now and it was my job to transfer her hand written sketches and measurements to AutoCad files. This is not always the easiest because sometimes the measurements don’t add up and we have to go back out to the property to double check or have the client measure and send them to us. Along with placing in the walls of the space I placed current and potential furniture in to create multiple furniture layouts for the clients.

Also, Jessica gave me the task of sketching out a few different drapery and window perspectives that needed to be sent in a presentation package to a client that lives a few hours away. This was so great because I felt like I was really contributing to the team, my sketches were good enough to be sent to the client and represent the designs that were established which is a great compliment. She had me draw these to help the client understand three dimensionally what the window treatments will look like in the spaces because it was hard for them to imagine the space with the interesting architectural features that occur in the space.

The rest of my time this week was dedicated to creating presentation boards for a commercial office project that they are working on. The office is doing a complete redesign and wants to really modernize the space, but still add in a few aspects that pull in the fact that they are a Kentucky based company. Jessica has come up with some really creative ways of doing this with wall graphics and color concepts throughout the space. At Design Link they have particular standards they use when creating presentation boards and after doing a few I got the hang of it. It is important to matte images and materials to help them to stand out from the background because they are the main focus of the board. When working on Jessica’s boards I went back and forth with her creating different layouts and changing the sizes of the plans, images, and materials that are on the boards to create something that is aesthetically pleasing and represents the company in a professional way. It was a jam packed week, but that makes it all the more exciting to be an intern!


Here is a picture of a sketch I did for Jessica:



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