Busy Week!

This past week was really busy!! We had two bids that we worked on. For the first bid, I worked a bid for a student lounge area. This was at a higher education facility. The rooms we worked on were a café, lounge, office space, classroom areas, and occasional seating spaces. The spaces were all very large so this bid package took a very long time. First, I ordered all the samples for the bid packaged. Next, I drew up a floor plan and made sure to check the plan against the quote to avoid any mistakes. After fixing the mistakes I found, I began working on the three-dimensional renderings. The last step I did was organizing and pulling all appropriate product literature.

The next thing I worked on was a reconfiguration of a space ORI worked on a few years ago. The space is now being used for a different purpose so the space needed to accommodate the new job constraints. This was a harder project for me because it was a product that I was not familiar with. I asked the sales people a lot of questions but they were very helpful.

Steelcase Group Work

Steelcase Group Work


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