A Week at Design Link

This week has been so busy, but so beneficial! I worked a little more than I usually do each week because I have to make up for some hours that I missed. Thursday I actually stayed for the whole day, which was fun because it is different than just being in the office for a few hours.

The designers didn’t get back from market until Wednesday, so they left me a good amount of work to do that lasted almost through the week. At the beginning of the week I continued to work on the presentation boards for the church project they are working on. They are doing six separate spaces within the church, so they wanted me to create six boards. Before they left they laid out what materials are going in which space and so I went through and cut everything to an appropriate size, because some of the carpet and tile samples come very large. After that I laid the materials out along with paint samples and floorplans of the spaces on their respective boards and waited for Jessica and Amy to get back to look over the layout and give me the okay to go ahead and glue and tape everything down. Once they did that I finished them up and made sure they all stuck to the standards of the office presentation boards and on Thursday some people from the church came to pick them up. They are setting them out at the church so that the congregation can look over them and see what exciting changes will be happening to the space!

I also did some AutoCad work for Nancy throughout the week. She left me with some drawings of a residential project she is working on and I took the hand drawn measurements and put them on the computer. It is easier this way for Nancy to see the actual relationship between the dimensions of the space and for us to place furniture in and get an accurate space allocation. She gave me a list of what furniture the client wants in her home and I placed it in in various sizes and layouts so that the client can look at the options and give Nancy feedback on what she thinks will work best for her.

Another exciting thing I got to be a part of this week was sitting in on and giving my opinion on who they are looking for for an intern for this coming summer. It was nice to know that they trust my opinion and that they value my insight!


Here are some pictures of the boards I was working on:

7 9


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