Busy Week

This was a busy last week. I am currently in the process of putting two floor plans into autocad, making floor plan proposals, and elevations for each of these floor plan options. Along with these floor plans I am finding and proposing furniture pieces to go along with each of them and adhering to the clients and Carol’s requests. The elevations need to be detailed enough that the client can understand what it is going to look like but rendering in photoshop was not required for this phase in either of the projects, if it’s going to be necessary at all. Because we just sent out initial proposals with multiple options it doesn’t make sense to render them until the client can make a decision to narrow down the options.

This week I also went and field measured for another project. This only took about an hour and a half because I was field measuring her living room and two of her modern chairs that she would like to keep in the space. I took lots of pictures to cover my basis so that if I have questions later I can refer back to them first instead of having to go back to the house. I also jotted down some quick notes while I was there of any ideas she had and so Carol could keep those in mind with her proposals. Afterwards I went back to the office and put it right into autocad. I didn’t have time to make proposals yet that will be my job for this next week.

Around the office I kept up with purchase orders, I made a few deliveries for some clients, and I organized around the office.

Client's Chair


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