Whats next?

This week will be my last week at pedigo, sad but excited for what is about to come next. It’s crazy to think of all the opportunities that I have gotten to take advantage of through y time there. the countless people I have met and made connections with made it all the better.

I really enjoyed my time there and plan to keep up with the main project I have been working on all semester. It’s in it’s final stages and I have been able to see if from start to finish.  The Furniture and accessories have been slowly rolling in, I have been putting on lamp shades and places the last air vent so the house will be complete here in the next few weeks.

My next journey will begin at interspace on May 11th, 2015. I will be interning with them for the summer. It will be a different change of pace doing more commercial versus residential but that just mean there is so much more to learn. They also dabble in a little of healthcare design so that will be nice to get my feet wet in before returning in the fall.

It’s hard to believe I graduate next may, That my journey here at school is coming to an end so fast. But one thing I have realized that i’m in a field that I have the upmost passion for and can not wait to get out into the real world and put all my skills to the test!





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