Coming to a Close

The school year is coming to a close and I will be leaving Design Link soon for summer break, but exciting news is that I will actually be returning to intern with them again in the fall! This past week I have done everything from AutoCad paint layouts, organizing and putting away materials, and creating presentation boards.

Going into the internship I knew that I wanted to gain experience in the design field, but it turned out to be way more than just something to put in my resume. I have gotten the chance to be immersed in the design world and see how projects are done from start to finish. I get the oppurtunity to work hand in hand with the designers in the office as well as at client meetings around Lexington. I have learned that materials are a large part of the design process and learning to work with the reps and knowing which materials to use on different projects is close to the most important part of the design, because you can have an amazing design but if the materials you chose don’t function well then it isn’t successfully done. As I was working through projects on AutoCad in the office I strengthened my skills by becoming more familiar with the program and by learning new shortcuts from the designers on how to do things quicker and more efficiently in the program. Since working with Design Link I have found myself become stronger and more confident with my skills and I am excited to continue that process. I also believe that being able to work with design professionals on a wide range of projects has helped with my communication skills. I was able to ask educated questions related to projects and learned how to communicate effectively with reps and other professionals in the field to help me finish my tasks. The ladies at Design Link have had a huge impact on my life, not only through design, but also as a person. They really took me in as part of the group and want to teach and show me everything they can. I have realized that not everything in design is fun like putting away materials, but learning and being successful at all parts of the design is how you further yourself as a designer!