Another Week at Regency

This week has been pretty slow at Regency Interiors. I have noticed that sometimes things in the “real world” move very slowly when everyone is on summer vacation. Purchase orders take 10 times longer to be processed, people can’t answer questions, etc. Gail and I are mainly working on finishing up Transylvania University. I had to compile a list of every purchase order and follow up for delivery. At this point in time, I am very grateful that the assistant before me was very organized. It is very difficult to go back through fifty or so purchase orders and get information from them. It is essential that they are organized and filed away properly.

Since it is slow this week, my main job is to go through all of Gail’s resources and materials. I am checking for currency and proper updated pricing. If the prices have changed, which they most often do. It is also my job to add a proper mark-up for each material. I have a lot of books to go through, I am currently working on fabrics. I have gotten to become quite familiar with Robert Allen, Maxwell, Unique, Delta fabrics, Duralee, Kravet, and many more. I have also become very comfortable with talking to reps and scheduling appointments to learn aboRobert picut new materials. R.M Coco is coming next week to tell us about their new products.

I am also building a good relationship with some of Gail’s clients and a lot of the people that we have to come into contact with when making purchases. I have learned how to use excel very well over the past month and I have brushed up on my mathematics as well. Unfortunately, when running a business you are required to use a lot of math.

Gail knows a lot of people in Lexington, and because of her client relationships I am beginning to learn and meet some of these people as well. I think interning here has really helped me with networking and relationship building. I am basically the voice for Gail, and when she needs something done. I am responsible for setting up the appointment and making sure whatever material she is using is current. I know how to use the phone very well. When we have to call companies, they laugh at me because I am immediately prepared with my account number and sometimes they don’t expect it.

Overall fun week! Below is A picture of the walls, and walls, and walls of materials that I have checked/have to check this week……Just one wall of them.

HR worked: 35School


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