I just realized that I never really gave any information about the firm I am interning for- I completely breezed over that. 

RossTarrant Architects is a firm just outside downtown Lexington on Old Lafayette Road. They are best known for their educational design, working on projects from elementary schools to universities. In terms of universities this also extends to facilities related to the college itself, two examples right now are the UK Football Stadium Remodel and New UK Dining Facilities. 

Now that you have some idea of the firm I can tell you about my week. This week the majority of the interiors department attended NeoCon Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. So I had to keep myself busy while they were away. With that I had the chance to get ahead on contacting reps about replacement samples for the hanging boards- (I just realized that I forgot to check my email for responses~ I knew I was forgetting something). I also finished creating a material schedule for a project on a high school. Using their excel template, they create these simple print-outs for the installers to make it more convenient than flipping through giant construction documents. Learning how to use the scanner for large construction documents was more difficult than the one at UK. This thing sucked in the papers so fast I was surprised when the images were still legible. At one point I thought that I broke the machine, I realized that I don’t handle situations like that very well because I proceeded to press random buttons in a mild panic, until one of the ladies at the front desk came back to help me.  Yes- I said lady, I just got a handle on the people in the interiors section. Maybe I will make that my goal for next week- learn as many names as possible. 

This picture is of my notebook on my desk, it was a really fun picture to take.



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