Week Two. #brandstettercarroll

This week at my internship at Brandstetter and Carroll, I have learned a great deal about time management, the design process and project organization. I am learning a very valuable skill of managing multiple projects and deadlines simultaneously through organization, prioritization and time management.

I am learning to utilize computerized files and folders to organize all ongoing projects and drawings in a more efficient and effective manner. This organization helps to more readily meet deadlines and to quickly locate and update changes to existing files.

Time management is a skill that is of utmost importance in a firm with multiple architects and designers meeting with clients on a regular basis. Managing to balance my time spent on specific projects has been critical to prevent cramming at the end of the week or even worse not producing my best work. I recognize that learning the skill of time management will be valuable not only in the rest of my academic studies but throughout my career.

This week during our lunch and learn, I gained additional knowledge about outdoor shading from a company representative of USA Shade & Fabric Structures. We were introduced to all the different types of structures available and how they can be individualized for different projects. Staying informed and up to date with the latest design products on the market is a crucial component in the design process. In addition, maintaining a file of all company contacts for the latest design products available is a valuable asset.

This week I have learned a lot about the design process and how to speed up applying edits in Photoshop. I have learned short cuts that really speed up the process. I have also learned that when applying changes from a document that has been redlined to always mark it off once it has been updated. This method ensures that the change has been made to the project. In my case I was working on concept designs that will be presented to clients next week.

Along with all of the other work, being detail oriented is very important because the little details can make or break the clients decision to choose our company or at least to move further with them in the design process.


Tuesday I was included in a meeting with the marketing director, one of the owners, and two architects. The objective of the meeting was to plan how to win a competitive bidding process over other competitor firms. The interview with the potential client is scheduled for next week. They assigned me to do the conceptual work that they would be presenting. I am thankful for their confidence in my skills to allow me to play a role in the preparation for the bidding process. It allowed me the opportunity to highlight my skills and value to the firm. I asked questions when needed, worked hard, paid close attention to details and made sure to communicate and ensure we were all on the same page throughout the rest of the week.

Overall, this was a very busy week full of learning experiences and skill building. I am excited to see what the weeks ahead have to bring.


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