Another Great Week at RTA

This week I mostly worked on organizing their Interior Design Standards folder on their computer system. Let me just say I have never fully appreciated the idea of creating File Folders and folders within folders until now. There are just so many files and floating documents that I did not know where to even begin. So naturally I made a list of everything in each of the files, dates, and what they were. I was surprised to find out that I actually made a really big dent in this. I only have a few more folders left to go through that I should have finished by Monday.

I also worked on the Rowan High School Project again, creating reference sheets for paint within the classrooms. After doing a few arrangements of wall choices we were able to have accent paint in all the classrooms that we could, while still keeping budget.

I also got the chance to hang up some certification awards in the conference room. Thank goodness that worked out because I am not really good at hanging things straight. So I was relieved when I stepped back and the pictures looked as perfect as possible.

IMG_1047 IMG_1048


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