Week Three- Regency

regency logoThis week has been pretty slow for Gail and I. I have been working a lot on organizing the office and checking for currency on all of the fabric books. I haven’t finished yet, but I have at least 40 books (as shown in the photo) that I donated to a local high schools interior design class. I wrote up a proposal for one of Gail’s clients this week. I usually get one of those per week. I also had to call and check the progress for all of the Transylvania purchase orders. One thing I have learned and that I can relate back to Joe’s class in particular, is paying attention to detail. I noticed on one of the purchase orders, someone who was here before me had 10,000 worth of furniture going to the wrong shipping address.

Discontinued fabric books.

Discontinued fabric books.

I had to quickly call and change that location, before the items were shipped. Paying attention to detail is very important, because a lot of people rely on your CAD documents to get things done. If the documents are wrong, then it puts everyone on hold and they can’t do their jobs. This then costs more money, which is never good. Yesterday, the painters were to place stripes along the walls that were to be exactly lined up with the carpet stripes. The carpet was not laid, so the painters need the measurements to do their job. The document Gail gave them three months ago was so small, nobody could see it and it stopped production.

I had to recreate the entire floor in autocad (because whoever drew it up, did not save it) and get the correct measurements. I now understand what it is like to work under pressure. If I ever make a mistake, I now know what it feels like to have to try and fix it in the matter of an hour or two. Gail does not know how to use any drafting program, so I defiantly felt the pressure. So my lesson for this week, would most defiantly be PAY ATTENTION TO DETAIL. Never let anything leave the office that is not done properly and always proof read everything several times over before submission. This lesson will help me greatly with my schooling, in addition to my experience and professionalism for the future.

CAD drawing I had to finish in an hour & a half


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