Getting down to the Wire At RossTarrant

Another great week at RossTarrant, I am steadily progressing through more advanced design work such as using Revit to create floor patterns and rooms for spacial analysis. This past week I finished work on an Elementary school that will be changing into an Elementary/Middle school. We had to design the floor to incorporate a way for the younger grades to have a line up area that the teachers use to . . .  manage the children- I guess. Like when you all had to line up in the hallway and follow the line to the bathroom or something like that. It was tricky because you did not want the school to look really childish inside because you would also have people in grades 5-8 walking about too. But I managed to come up with a design that could look really cool for the older kids while still being practical for the younger ones.

I also got the chance to begin work on a smaller personal project for someone where she is planning an event in this building and needed to know how many tables and chairs she could fit in the spaces available and hopefully it will fit 100. Unfortunately- I have not yet been able to figure out how to fit that many people in so that everyone has a seat. I have made it up to 88 people, and I am working to see if I can squees in a few more here and there – we will find out.

I haven’t met any new clients for a while but we do have a new lady working up front named Leslie and she is pretty awesome. She has only been here for a week or so and she knows almost every answer to the questions I have.




Week Seven.

This week was extremely busy at Brandstetter. Once again, I learned a great deal about the importance of managing time to reach deadlines. Over the past week, I had to print and bind 30 books for a presentation, as well as make boards for the presentation. In addition, I had finish up two construction documents.

The construction documents took up the greatest amount of my time. As a result, I had to manage how late I stayed and how early I arrived at the office. I knew what I had to get done therefore on one of the days I arrived at the office at 6:30am. I have learned that being productive is part of managing my time but I have also learned that managing my time is also working longer if that is what is necessary to complete the task at hand.

Working on construction documents in AutoCAD has not just increased my skills in the program but it has also taught me tricks, shortcuts, and correct ways of producing the drawings. I have furthered my communication skills and used my resources by learning short cuts from the other people working in the office with years of experience. I have also familiarized myself with what items go into a construction document and how they are set up.

In addition to all that I have referenced, I have also learned how to dry mount and spiral notebooks. These skills will help me be able to adjust when being in different firms and know a little about what the machines are capable of producing.

I have learned so much from this internship and it really has been a great experience. I am hoping to possibly start back after product runway takes place! However, overall I have furthered my computer skills, my professional habits, product knowledge, network and overall knowledge of my field. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store.IMG_0376

RossTarrant New Projects

Another great week at RTA! I have moved on to creating color boards for projects which I feel is really exciting, more of the hands on activities are what I enjoy more. I also got a new computer for work, before I was just working on a laptop but now I have a dual monitor system so that I can use programs like Revit and Photoshop, with greater ease.

I also began working on creating floor patterns in Revit for an elementary school project. I am really excited to know if the pattern works out well enough to use in the actual project. I also got to sit in on a few material rep meetings this past week where we learned about the new products being released by some tile and fabric companies this year. I also got to meet one of our carpet reps from Shaw Carpet Rodney Britt- which for some reason I feel like I have met him before, thank goodness he did not seem to recognize me because then that would have turned into one of those awkward situations where they know you and you cant seem to place them. He came in and collected the extra carpet samples that we ordered for a project we are working on. Next week I might meet the reps for Mannington and Tandus if they come in person to collect their extra samples we ordered for the same project.


Week Six.

This week at Brandstertter Carroll I wore many hats. The receptionist was out for the week so for two half days I answered the phones and transferred them to the other offices or to whom they wished to speak. Throughout the week, I gained confidence in answering the phones, talking to clients, and gained an appreciation for the importance of good customer service. This experience helped me with my communication skills in both speaking and listening. In addition, it allowed me the opportunity to practice speaking in a professional, helpful, and confident tone.

Further more, I continued working on the construction documents for the room replacement. I furthered my understanding of roof structures and especially drainage systems and learned how to calculate the gutter and drainage system size for a building. I learned that when ordering drainage systems it is less expensive to order all the same size. Therefore for this project we are rounding up and using all the same size drains.

I also gained more experience meeting with sales representatives. I met with someone from J + J Flooring and learned about their different types of carpets that are available. I learned what kinds of questions to ask and what to look for in a carpet for different types of settings. This also expanded my network, which is always a perk. I enjoyed getting to meet, talk, and learn about their products.IMG_0351 IMG_0352

Moving Forward at RossTarrant

Another awesome week at RossTarrant, I had my first opportunity to help out with the finishes of a new project. Ordering a ton of samples for this project was really a good experience to understand how materials look on the computer and how they will appear in real life. This latest project is a building for a technical college (a Trades College) where they would learn specific skills to help them in a specific line of work. The building we are working on is a welding, mechanics, and robotics building. So a good portion of our materials chosen were of the industrial and urban style. Lots of concrete, metal, and really cool lighting design. It is really cool that we get to work on this project because the previous dean of the college only wanted his buildings to be black white or gray inside. Their new dean wants color, a good amount too. However, we are not looking to scare them so we are adding bright colors but in small amounts in the floor and for accents. I cannot wait until it is done – or at least farther along to see these materials in actual application. This was also the week that Lindsey came to visit and I got to show her a view of the materials lab – because there was a meeting going on- and then she was able to meet most of the people that I work with on a daily basis.

I cant wait to hear from Jessica how the presentation went with the college on Monday. I want to know what I will do next to help them further that project.

IMG_1096 IMG_1097

Regency Week Five

Teacher VisitThis week has been fun. I am making the schedule for all of the furniture to be delivered to Transylvania by the first week of August. I have spent some time this week familiarizing myself with brands such as KI and Keilhauer. If you want to do any commercial or institutional design work, those are two brands that I would recommend knowing. They have a lot of furniture that is designed for durability and practicality.

There are some people who will surprise you in this business. The Transylvania budget didn’t allow for any art to be displayed on the walls. So one of the board members called Gail and told her he would like to give her $20,000 (out of his own pocket) just to put art on the walls!!! It’s nuts! So I am currently printing some pictures for artwork that Gail found for a proposal for early next week.

Yesterday, we had the Duralee representatives come and talk to Gail and I. We got to talking about how important technology is to businesses and how it is very important in today’s world of business. He had recommended that you sent packets of flower seeds to your previous clients every year, Christmas cards, even just random cards. This is a great way to generate business from clients that already like your work. They said that people use the internet and want to know the upfront cost of everything know days. They prefer to see invoices of things, which I guess in yesterdays world was totally unreal..nobody did that. It was interesting to see the generational differences between myself and Gail. Five years from now the market will be a totally different realm of clients that Gail will have to adjust to. It just shows how important I think it is to keep in touch with trends and be aware of the client base. Otherwise it can be a huge strain on your career.

Oh and Lindsey came to visit! It was awesome….

Week Five.

This week at Brandstetter Carroll I continued expanding my skills in using AutoCad, gained a much better appreciation for project organization, the importance of communication and gained experience in using a plotter.

I observed the value of project organization from the firm’s perspective this week. I have been able to easily search through years of projects and locate them because they were readily organized on the server. Previous projects are a valuable resource and tool for current projects so it is necessary to be able to readily access the years of previous projects.

This week has helped me develop a greater familiarity with how to use the plotter machine. I have had the opportunity to plot several different plans and now have a much better understanding and appreciation for the value and role of a plotter. This experience has helped me become more confident in using the machine, which will be valuable in class this fall as well as in my future career.

Also this week, I continued to learn a great deal in the use of AutoCad. I have learned how to better manage my layers, line weight, and scale. Most of all I have learned from other staff different commands I was unfamiliar with. Learning these commands has helped me to be more efficient and precise in some cases.

Working at Brandstetter Carroll has given me the opportunity to learn from people who have been successfully practicing design & architecture for years allowing me the opportunity to learn some of their tricks along the way.

Finally, communication is another skill this week that I continued to learn more about. There are many aspects involved in communication. Effective communication helps in saving valuable time in understanding the project goals. Also, communication is important and valuable in learning to listen to those who have more experience and are willing to share their knowledge. This week, I experienced the value in not only being a good listener but also asking good questions in order to learn from others.

IMG_0265 IMG_0266