Week Ten

Tuesday was very slow, a lot of calling and ordering and trying to get things done correctly. Thursday was a lot of fun though, I (alone!) met with a rep of about 12 different brands, including Wildcat Bedding, Italian and American made fabrics by MFANO, and about 8 different Italian Modern brands. It’s incredibly rewarding that Carol trusts me enough to let me meet with reps alone, chose and order swatches and books that I think she would also order. I texted her photos of all my choices and she said “love it all!”. It is such a great experience to not shadow her, but rather take over meetings and run them the way I want to, the two reps I have met with so far don’t even ask me if I’m a student, they just accept that they are meeting with me and carry on with how they would any other meeting.


Pulling for the Client


This week with the Schnabels I performed some tasks involving pulling options for the client. In this image I was pulling some drapery fabric for a client’s dining room. I was asked to find a linen or faux silk to compliment this wallpaper. The fabric that ultimately picked was a brown linen, pulling in the color of the branches in the print and green trim. In this case it was important to keep the drapery cost down. Especially since the wallpaper has so much detail, keeping draperies simple is best.


Another task performed was pulling wallpaper samples that were similar to the given to me. It’s for a client’s black and white bathroom. One similar wallpaper I found was this great black and white Brunschwig and Fils. It’s an implied animal print that has a really interesting pattern in a large scale. This week I loved doing some design work and pulling things for the client.

Brush brush brush 

This week I have gained more knowledge on brushes. Lots of painters come in looking for specifics. They could want an angled brush with a flat head or a angled brush with a round head. As people asked for specifics I asked Carolyn if she could help to see if we gd anything. After helping the customer she had me read a pamphlet that went into to much detail about a brush and it’s specific parts. I honestly didn’t know that so much detail went into such a tool as this. Lots of the brushes may have ox hair, horse hair, etc. This is another thing that I was unaware of. The different types of hair on a brush can be more specific to adhering certain types of paint in terms of latex or oil. This has helped me to understand and provide customers with more information the more questions that they have. 

Progress Work

My work on the bathroom continued this week, painting the bottom half of the bathroom that I stripped just last week and sizing the upper half for paper. These were two new learning experiences to me. After I stripped the paper, I wiped the walls down with a damp rag to rid of extra strips. Then I used a clear dry sizing to prep the upper wall for the paper, it is essentially the primer of the wallpaper world. This helps the adhesive bind the the previously painted wall. After sizing, I had to let it dry for a minimum of two hours, but let it sit for for a couple of days to begin painting.

Painting was also a new experience, and required two lots of patience and another coat when I was done. I fortunately only had to do the initial coat, and got to come back to a fully painted and papered bathroom. The paper hanging was left to the experienced workers in shop, due to its complexity. The paper we used is a new type called sure strip, which is ensured to peel off in easy, long stripping fashion.

These tasks required a great amount of patience that I hope to take to my practices in the work place.




This week at Jennifer Schnabel involved a couple of housekeeping tasks. In this image I’m comparing current fabric lists with the fabric samples in the office. In viewing the list if I were unable to find a fabric, it indicated that the fabric was discontinued. The discontinued fabric were simply tossed.

Other tasks completed this week included finding paint colors for a client. I sorted through paint swatch books trying to find a paint color that matched their current kitchen cabinet paint. The designers felt that a match to the kitchen cabinets would be a good choice for the trim through out the house. In order to match this color, it’s important to view the color in many different lights. The designers even took a drawer from the client’s kitchen and brought it to the office in order to analyze the color more. So far an excellent week with the Schnabels.

Week Nine

This week was exciting–the fabric samples from The Black Edition that I got to choose and order. Three of them are especially beautiful and I plan on checking on prices to hopefully recover my ottoman.

I also called and ordered more quotes, this time for more blinds and now a custom coffee table. On Thursday after working in AutoCAD and Revit, I drove to FedEx to send boxes out for Carol, then to UPS, then to Lexington Laminates on Angliana for samples, then to Interior Solutions off Regency Road to give Carol the samples. It was a little hectic, but at least it changed up my routine.

Commercial project

Above is a project that I worked on this week with Carolyn. Lots of clients contact her when in need for commercial spaces. When helping with this product we had to consider budget and bulk. The wallpaper they had picked out was in too large of bulk to purchase for the minimum amount they needed. So, then Carolyn and I tried to find more wallpaper samples to help accommodate what they were looking for. The blue border above with dinosaurs was being utilized in a pediatric doctors office. Looking at that we had found more options for the client. The wallpaper underneath the border was our best choice to accommodate the border. We thought this combination worked best for the space. Now just to wait to see what the client says. *fingers crossed*