Sorting and Organizing Materials


This week was a great week with the Schnabel. My primary task for the week included sorting and organizing materials. In this image Im organizing a shipment of Sister Parrish Fabrics that came into the office. As a part of the Schnabel new organizational tactic, I first dated the fabrics, and then found a good home for them among the other fabrics. These organizational tasks can often be time consuming and tedious, although they are so beneficial in learning fabric lines. I had never heard of Sister Parrish, and really enjoyed the playful, bright, and fun colors and designs.

Other tasks this week included helping install some draperies, assisted research items during a client meeting, and ran errands for the designers. Overall it was a great week with the Schnabels.


week 11

I only worked on Tuesday due to Thanksgiving, but I mainly called around and spoke with carpet companies, local rug people to have a border put on a rug. I also worked on CAD elevations for the Interior Solution designs.

It was definitely a slower work day, I did not do anything new or even get up and organize or something, I just called place after place.