Working through the snow

Due to the amount of snow we received, this was yet another short week. With the bad weather, not many clients came into the store. Even one of the designers was not able to come into the store, but that did not slow down progress on current projects. This week my work focused more on the administrative side of the projects. I organized files, pulled materials, ordered materials, confirmed shipping orders, and emailed/called back and forth with the designer to ensure she had the information she needed to continue working on projects. Below is a picture of one of the projects we were working on this week. The valence shown is one we have in our showroom that was the inspiration for the valence being made for a client. Since I was able to make it to the store, I was able to take this picture and send it to both the designer and the work room so that progress could continue for this project.


This week provided me with a little more of an independent experience. Since the designer that I usually shadow was not there, it gave me the opportunity to test what I have learned and feel like I am truly involved in the projects. I am interested to see how these projects progress and what other obstacles may present themselves.


Logo Design

This week I focused on designing a logo for a therapy company called Hogg Therapy Associates. They provide occupational, speech, and psychotherapy services. I learned a lot in the process. After last weeks design workshop, I was able to put my new knowledge to practice. I like designing logos because of the research aspect of it. I learn a lot about the company’s past and what they do. I also like to learn new tricks and ways to design on illustrator. For example, the miter tool – it outlines your object so you are able to see it better when placed over word especially. Below is an example of me using the miter tool on a logo design and some logo design sketches I came up with.


Big Plans for a Little Shop

Short work week but I still got a lot done!

I went in on Thursday and worked from 10am-6pm. On Saturday, Clare decided to close shop due to the blanket of snow Lexington got overnight.

On Thursday I sat in on a meeting over the discussion of Market on National filling in the furniture for a home in Louisville for an event called “Homearama 2016” in July. In a simple explanation, Homearama features newly built homes that are fully furnished and allow the public to walk through all of these homes in hope that people will find decorating inspiration or even better, purchase a fully furnished home. We looked over the floor plans and sections of the first and second floor of the home MON will be furnishing. This is an incredible opportunity for MON to showcase some amazing pieces and to get the name out there. I will be assisting Clare on picking out the furniture for the rooms we will be decorating. I’m super excited for this opportunity. Fun Fact: The woman who we had the meeting with was a UK alumnus and studied interior design!

And back to what is currently going on at MON, since Clare just came back from Market in Atlanta, we have a lot of merchandise coming in within the next couple of weeks and Clare likes to make tags beforehand and keep them in envelopes according to manufacturers. These items are also placed in inventory on the computer system so every item can be tracked down by item number and we can see how many of those items we have. This task helps me learn more about the companies we buy from. Having knowledge about the products you sell is important because customers will ask a lot of questions and it can be a little embarrassing if you don’t know the details… always be prepared to discuss a product. This is something I’m working on now that my hours at the store are extended.

week2 photo.JPG

Week 2

Unfortunately, another short week was had due to inclement weather. Despite this fact I was still able to work on small projects around the store and help the clients that came in. One woman that came in wanting to find a better color for her bathroom that was not too dark. I aided her in finding a color that would best suit her needs and went along with the color scheme of the house as well. From helping customers like her you learn to be responsive and understanding of what they need/are looking for. It is extremely important to listen to them when they are describing these things. In the future I will definitely apply this to client meetings as well  as meetings with a team I may be working on.

On Wednesday, Carolyn showed me what she was doing with the display for the Rustoleum Chalked paint. Below is a photo of the display case. She explained the type of finish she was putting on it so that I would know for future reference. Being applied was a clear coat that dried with a matte finish. Usually the top coat for chalk paint is a wax, but through testing out the product it is seen that the clear coat works better. The reason it’s better is because if a customer decided to paint over it it would go on much easier and it is easier to clean. Knowing facts about our products after trying them is a great way to stay informed and help anyone who comes through that front door. You should always know as much as you can about your products. 20160120_102106

1st Design Workshop

This week working with Awesome Inc, the graphic design team had our first graphic design workshop. During this workshop, the head graphic designer teaches the interns about graphic design and gives us tips and tutorials on whatever we would like to learn. This is very helpful for us and I especially learn a lot. For our first class, we learned about logo design; how to design a successful logo, using illustrator tools, the basics of logo design, etc. I learned how to use the shape builder tool, how to create offset paths, and the basics of the pen tool. These were extremely helpful as I am currently working on a logo for a client. I am amazed at how much there is to learn and the opportunities to grow as a person and designer at Awesome Inc.

Below is an image of the team learning the shape builder tool on illustrator.


First Week Back

This past Friday was my first week back at Perspectives since winter break and projects were moving full force. The designers I work with took the time to catch me up on the status of the projects I missed while I was home for winter break. This week showed me a lot about time management. While I was away, the designers had obtained several new clients. Therefore, in order for me to help them successfully, I asked them to give me a prioritized list of what needed to be accomplished. Prioritizing is definitely a skill I will need to use during my thesis semester. I only worked four hours on Friday, but within that time I worked on three ongoing projects as well as some administrative work. Below is a picture of one of the projects I worked on Friday. The pillow shown is an existing fabric choice by the client. We are currently search for coordinating fabrics to use for upholstery.


With each project I become more familiar with the necessary resources. For each project, I look through a minimum of 10-15 fabric books. This has helped me become acquainted with the books and I’m slowly beginning to learn which books will possibly have the fabrics for which I am searching. In addition to becoming familiar with the resources, the importance of communication skills has been stressed in my experience with Perspectives. On Friday I was able to sit through a meeting with a new client and just observe the typical process. I believe experiences such as this will help me in the future. I understand how important it is to effectively communicate with a client to ensure the client is getting what they want. Unfortunately I did not have any networking opportunities this week, but I hope to take advantage of some in the future.

Kasmir Fabrics

This week was shorter than intended due to personal reasons. I was only able to go in on Monday and Wednesday. Even though the week was short for me, I was still able to help out and get enough work time in. Due to the weather getting colder, I notice that not as many people come in. Most of the time we get contractors and other businesses coming in for paint and other supplies, but it makes sense for the cold to hold them back from their outdoor jobs. So, with the flow of customers being slow I found other tasks to do.

We had just received a new shipment of fabric sample books from Kasmir Fabrics, and I got to go through each book and check them into both systems. In doing this, I identified and learned more about the fabric products I was dealing with. I noted the pattern, the colors, the thread count, the use, and other helpful product information. Knowing this information will definitely help when trying to find a specific look for a client. I was happy to get familiar with the fabric just so I can be more helpful when the time comes.