The Moment to Market

This week I sat in on a meeting with Clare, Hugh, and a marketing  consultant. This was a meeting about brainstorming ideas on how to make MON well known to the Lexington public. Last week we focused on taking consistent photographs of our product in order to enhance our image and presence on social media. This week we focused on expanding the website and actually showing product, similar to how a tradition retail shop would look online. It wasn’t a very exciting week because I spent most of my time going on the manufacturer’s websites and downloading the product images. A simple but time consuming task.

Other assignments I focused on were creating documents and flyers. I created a “Fabric Swatch Takeout” sheet. This is important for us to have because many clients take out fabric swatches to test in their homes and we having a paper trail helps us know where our items are.

Also, we decided to participate in a charity event and the winner will have a private party with 6-10 of their closest friends and a gift card as their prize. First, it’s important to participate in a philanthropy because it’s a way for us to give back to the community. I am currently working on the flyer for that event.

Thursday afternoon, Lindsey stopped by the store to say hello and to see what we were up to! I showed her around the store, explained my work, and we chit-chatted with Clare for a bit!


lindsey and michelle

Always ready for a photo-op!




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