Tally Ho for Tahoe!

IMG_3790.jpgRise and shine for freshies at Northstar after three feet of fresh powder in Tahoe! Working play for spring break but little heavy on the far so far. Tomorrow is day one at The Ryan Group, outfit is planned, I’ve already selected the Denver omelet off the breakfast menu, and I have already observed that according to the groups team photo there will be two dogs in the office. Lindsay sure can pick em’.

Besides location, the firm looks like a great spot for me to observe the style and practices I am interested in pursuing. The Ryan Group is complied of a team of both architects and interior designers involved in residential and recreational design out here in California have been in contact with an interior designer, Annie, at the firm who has been so friendly and seems to be very positive about my upcoming experience and my level of involvement throughout the week. I will be keeping a close tab on sustainable approaches in their design process and will be interested to see how difficult or how easy it is for them to implement sustainability into their work. I am also interested to see how I will like a small firm, I have always thought that I would prefer to work in a smaller environment so this week will be good trail run as I make plans for what will come after May.

Until tomorrow then, wish me Luck! GO CATS!




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