Mailchimp Campaigns


This week was similar to last week. This week I worked on some more MailChimp campaigns. Mostly for coding camp campaigns for Awesome Inc. So far, I am enjoying learning MailChimp. It’s fast and simple. Although, I have to make designs using illustrator or InDesign and upload them as a png or jpeg. I like these projects because it teaches me marketing strategies incorporating graphic design. Web design is also included into these projects which is something I have always wanted to dabble in. Since school is coming to a close, I will be staying on as an intern for as long as I want to. I am appreciative of this opportunity to learn and grow.



This week I got to help with filing, organization work, and contacting customers about their orders. While filing I became familiar with the active an20160420_092913d closed customer orders which also helps me be able to reference them at a later time when needed. Organization is always needed every so often just to keep a clean work place where things are easy to find. I was able to contact customers in order to tell them the progress of their orders as well as ask any additional questions that may be helpful towards the project. Part of some of the organizational tasks that I completed was checking new sample books into the system. Once the books are checked into both systems I then have the chance to look at all of the samples and what new patterns are trending. This way I can stay up to date on what is being offered.

Busy Work

This week was focused on taking care of some of the behind the scenes tasks for the designers. Since they were deep into their projects, there was not much I could do for them besides check in packages from UPS, prepare folders for new clients, and pull a few fabrics here and there. I spent more time at the front counter this week helping the customers there. I also presented to first-year students about my internship. That presentation helped me realize just how much I have learned throughout my internship. All the busy work really does add up in the end, and you walk away having learned more than you thought you would.

Organizational Downfall

This week was shorter than normal due to a studio field trip on Friday. The week was mostly just helping out at the front counter and a few administrative tasks for the designers. One thing did stand out to me this week, and that was the importance of being organized. One of the designers I work for is notorious for being disorganized. It just so happened that this week a client came in unannounced wanting to see the books with the material choices for her project. The designer was on a conference call at the time and it was my job to try and find these books. Due to the disorganization, I was unable to find the books and the client chose to come back later instead of having to wait on the designer to get off the conference call. Had there been more organization and a better labeling system, I would have been able to help the client and in turn help the designer.

New Projects

This week I started on a couple new projects working with a program I have never used called MailChimp. MailChimp is an email marketing service where you can design advertisements or invitations and send them out to a listserv. These ads need to be enticing so they take a longer time to design. I am getting used to using the program which is similar to a website design template. Luckily, I am a quick learner when it comes to computers. I think is project is pretty cool because I get to mess around with marketing and learning how that works. I am always down for learning new things especially when they can go hand in hand with design!

Spring Cleaning

This week was buzzing with life. The weather has finally started to warm up and people have decided to come out more. This meant that the store was busy as well. Along with doing the usual tasks and helping out at the counter, I also 20160415_125152was going through the store and cleaning up certain areas. Over in the blinds area there were a few samples that needed to be put away and regular cleaning that had to be done. I don’t mind cleaning at all, especially when I can move things around to change up the displ
ays a little bit. It is always good to move things around so that when a client comes in a few times they may see something new that draws them in. It is also very good to keep a clean and organized work environment for employees and customers.

Playing with Neutrals

thumbnail_IMG_0563This week I was able to work on a client project for a bedroom. I had not been in previous meetings with the client but I had the previous selections and notes to go off of for the fabrics and books I was selecting to show the client. The room was to be done
in varying shades of cream with some black and gray included. Since I hadn’t met with the client before, I was unsure of their personality or their intent. I had to work off of simply the notes I was given.While this was challenging, I believe it was good practice. I selected several books and fabrics for the client to look through and later in the week I was able to review the ones the client selected after meeting with the designer. It was nice to see the cycles of this process and be the “behind the scenes” per say that made it happen.