On Display

This week we got new fabrics from Greenhouse to put on display. Instead of the regular fabric books, we received large cuts of fabric. The types of fabric ranged in color and design and could be used for multiple applications. My job was to unravel the fabric and make them presentable to the public as a display. The goal for the fabric is to promote the new and trending pieces as well as promote sales. We placed them in an area where you can see them from the outside as well as upon entering the store. It also simultaneously acts as a sound barrier for people talking on the mezzanine level. Overall, it adds pops of color to the space as well as promoting the use of certain fabrics for incoming clients. 20160506_124033


Expanding Projects

This week I got to work on the expansion of a past client’s project. It was interesting to see how successfully working with a client once could lead to future projects down the road. This week I worked on the expansion on the Goth project to include three bedrooms for the three daughters. We selected fabrics for duvet covers, pillow shams, bed skirts, and accent pillows. We created a whole array to present to the client. Overall, it was nice to see how success on a past project can lead to loyalty for future projects.

Almost done!

This past week I worked on more MailChimp campaigns, (I am getting a lot better at those) office mockup designs ( I have a meeting with a worker at Awesome Inc to discuss future plans with those), and we had our monthly design workshop. This week we learned how to work the grid system in InDesign. I am glad we learned that because it is a very useful tool. I wish I had learned about the grids earlier so I could use them more often making the programming documents in class.

Out With the Old, In With the New

Materials are constantly cycling through new trends. At Perspectives, companies are always sending us their new sample books full of new and trendy fabrics. While new materials come in, fabrics from older books also become discontinued. I20160429_125932n order to keep up with this ongoing cycle of new and old fabrics, it is my job to go through all of the old books and take out the pieces that have been discontinued. Usually, I go through the books by manufacturer pulling multiple books from the floor. Then, I go down a list given by the company and find all the discontinued pieces and remove them from the book. The fabric is then either reused for some other project and becomes scrap. I think it would be fun to come up with an easy way to recycle these fabrics for some other purpose.

It is very important to stay up -to-date with all the fabric samples that we have on the floor. If a client likes a fabric and want to use it in a project and ends up being discontinued, this can be very upsetting for the client. It also may become difficult to find a fabric that was similar to the original. By updating all of the samples we get rid of the risk of running into this problem.