This past week at work, we have had an influx of customers, clients and builders pop in to pick up orders, lament material and place new orders in the rush of the holiday season. As As Christmas and New Years is right around the corner, our fabrication shop has been non-stop with templating and installing  counter tops and vanities. We have also been phasing out some manufacturers and product in replace of others, such as the tile manufacturing company, Wonder Tile. In the effort to condense the amount of samples and product and make room for the new, we began “spring cleaning” the showroom, storage closets and sample drawers. This way we will be able to navigate clients and customers to current runs, and samples and help minimize the amount of time spent on checking stock and contacting sales reps to find out information on product they may no longer produce.

First, Elizabeth and I began sorting out through our granite and marble drawers in the back of the showroom and pulling out old four by four pieces of material that we no longer have. This is common with natural stone as slabs are cut from different parts of rock where there is always variation in shade and veining. Some cuts of granite and marble are more rare than others and can no longer be found. Therefore, Elizabeth and I discarded old samples of slabs we no longer stock.

After straightening the drawers, we assisted our showroom manager in filing manufacturer books and info sheets as well as cleaning out our storage closet. A lot of manufacturers books and samples had to be thrown out due to dated information and phased out tile series. We had to update our front stock booths due to the removal of Stone Peak and the integration of Wonder Tile. Wonder Tile will be one of the larger manufacturers of tile we will stock in varied series and field tile sizes. Currently, we have a porcelain tile that mimics venatino marble as well as a bardiglio grey marble.

Below I have included an image of the Wonder Tile we will be stocking!



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