Week Four:

During my fourth week at Kentucky Lighting, I have continued learning new things about the company.  On Tuesday and Thursday I had a new task.  It was to look over an order that was purchased, and to record that into a computer system.  At first this was somewhat difficult, because I was using the computer system for the firs time, which was rather confusing.  But after I got the hang of it, the task became much easier.  Even though this just seems like busy work, it is very crucial to the company.  It is important to keep track of all of the fixtures that are being purchased, and which ones and how many.  This also proved to be a useful task because I got to see how the ordering worked.  I got to see how much the prices changed, the quantities of everything ordered, and which product was ordered. This gave me a much better understanding of how ordering is done, and what the new product is that will be coming into the showroom.

Saturday at the showroom is always busy.  This Saturday was not as bad as usual though.  We still had a fair amount of customers, but not too many. Since I still don’t know how to work the system properly, I cannot fully carry out a sale, but I still do my best to help customers to the best of my ability.  This includes doing things such as directing them to the correct area, giving suggestions, and finding other products that they might be interested in.  Also, on Saturday I was able to rearrange the sale lamps.  This does not seem like an exciting task, but I enjoyed it.  I took all of the lamps, which were just randomly placed on a large table, and divided them up into three groups.  The groups were based on the style, so there was a colored glass group, a neutral group, and a silver group.  Dividing the lamps up into smaller clusters really helped highlight the product and make it look for desirable for clients.  I really enjoyed this task because it made me feel very useful, and that I was contributing to the showroom. Below are photos of the clusters of lamps in the sale area. IMG_0791.JPGIMG_0794.JPGIMG_0793.JPGIMG_0789.JPG


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