Week 5: Settling In

This week at Kentucky Lighting was another week full of learning experiences.  The previous week I had re-designed the sale lame section inside of the store.  Logistically, this is not as easy as it seems, just because lighting does require electrical outlets.  The way that it is set up in the showroom is that there are many outlets in the ceilings.  This is how fixtures are attached to the ceiling and are able to be turned on.  This is the same with lamps that are in the middle of the showroom.  When the lamps are backed up against a wall, it is easy just to plug them into an outlet, but if they are in the middle of the floor for a vignette, then there has to be a cord dropped from the ceiling to be able to illuminate the lamps.  Also, this has to be a discrete cord, not a typical bring orange extension cord.  Unfortunately, there is not an abundance of these discrete looking extensions cords, so some of the sale lamps were unable to be illuminated.  The good news is that we never turn on all of the lights, because that would take up way too much energy and produce too much heat.  So the solution ended up being that only a few of the lamps were turned on while other balanced the space out and remained off.

On Thursday, it was a little bit of a slow day, primarily my job was to re-configure the contemporary room.  The contemporary rooms is a space in the showroom that is somewhat separated from the rest of the showroom that features more contemporary lighting fixtures.  This includes LED lights, modern designed fixtures, and mostly a chrome finish.  The showroom is meant to feel more homey and welcoming, where as the contemporary room is meant to feel more sleek and modern.  Kentucky Lighting receives new product all the time, and we had received some new paintings.  These were placed in the contemporary room, so there were some adjustments that needed to be made.  There were some new mirrors to be hung and some new paintings, along with some new flush mounts.  Making small adjustments and re-configuring the room to make it more aesthetically pleasing really makes me feel accomplished because I am contributing to the showroom.  On Saturday, it was pretty busy per usual.  The week days are more slow and there are just designers and contractors who come in, but Saturdays are the days where mostly people come in to shop and look around. One particular couple stood out that I helped on Saturday, and they were looking for kitchen lights.  They wanted track lights above their island, and a semi-flush light over the kitchen table.  This was a little bit more difficult just due to the fact that we do not have a huge selection in the showroom of track lighting, and many of the fixtures don’t correlate with the track lights that we do have on display.  The couple did not end up making a purchase, but they had a much better idea of what they were looking for when they were done.


Below are examples of fixtures in the contemporary room. Blog post week 6.jpg


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