Busy Week

This was a busy last week. I am currently in the process of putting two floor plans into autocad, making floor plan proposals, and elevations for each of these floor plan options. Along with these floor plans I am finding and proposing furniture pieces to go along with each of them and adhering to the clients and Carol’s requests. The elevations need to be detailed enough that the client can understand what it is going to look like but rendering in photoshop was not required for this phase in either of the projects, if it’s going to be necessary at all. Because we just sent out initial proposals with multiple options it doesn’t make sense to render them until the client can make a decision to narrow down the options.

This week I also went and field measured for another project. This only took about an hour and a half because I was field measuring her living room and two of her modern chairs that she would like to keep in the space. I took lots of pictures to cover my basis so that if I have questions later I can refer back to them first instead of having to go back to the house. I also jotted down some quick notes while I was there of any ideas she had and so Carol could keep those in mind with her proposals. Afterwards I went back to the office and put it right into autocad. I didn’t have time to make proposals yet that will be my job for this next week.

Around the office I kept up with purchase orders, I made a few deliveries for some clients, and I organized around the office.

Client's Chair



This past week was a busy week! We are currently at the phase where I am putting two of our projects into Autocad. The last couple of weeks I have been field measuring and this week I put those measurements into Autocad. For one of the projects I spent the rest of the day on Thursday working up proposals. I came up with 4 different proposals for the client. Some of the proposals kept the same structure, for the most part, and others tore down walls and opened the space up.

For the first proposal we have to work around HVAC vents and three structural poles down the middle. There will need to be a  lowered ceiling over half of the space. The client had some ideas that they wanted for an entertainment center. They sketched a rough idea of it and I made corrections to the measurements and accurately fit it into the space. Later I will of into more detail in an elevation. I was also looking up and pricing Murphy beds and sizing as they would like this space to be multifunctional.

The second space is the one with potential demolition. We are waiting to hear back from the client but for the moment we are working on their master bathroom. They would like a heat producing tub as well as a custom shower. They also would like some natural light in the room. In order to open the space I took down the ninety-degree wall and placed in a diagonal corner wall. This allows better access to either sink, the shower, tub, and toilet. This also makes more room for if they would like to keep the closet attached. I remember learning that closets shouldn’t be placed right next to full bathrooms because the steam will eventually ruin the clothes, especially if there is no ventilation.

This has been a busy week, and next week I sure there will be plenty of more suggestions and proposals to work on. Until Then.


More Field Measuring

This week was a busy week. In the beginning of the week we went and field measured for our new client. We got it done pretty quickly. It was much easier this time with the two of us rather than just myself. Carol measured while I drew and recorded. This new space currently has no drywall so we had to account for that in all of our measurements. There were also three columns down the middle that we have to work around. The HVAC system in the back of the space requires a maintenance room as well as a drop down ceiling in order to hide the parts. There is currently no trim or moulding in the space and so measurements were taken for that as well. This next week I will be working on putting these measurements into Autocad as well as the field measurements I took down the other week from the other client visit.

Field Measuring

Back in the office I went through all of the purchase orders. A lot of the furniture and lighting we ordered came in this week and so I had a lot of errands to run.  I went to Brechers lighting as well as Brock McVey in order to pick up lighting for a client. I then went and dropped them off at the clients house so they could take them out to their new house. I didn’t have much time to continue organizing the materials room this week and so hopefully I will be able to continue with that next week. The remaining time spent in the office I filed away invoices, updated running tabs and purchase orders, and called a few manufacturers and updated our accounts.


Until next time.

New Project

This week Carol was out of the office. This left me which the usual purchase orders, organizing of the office, and errands. I placed a lot of new orders this week for samples, furniture, and fabrics. Most of the orders placed this past week were in motion and so I either had to finish them or we were waiting on the client to make up their mind. To finish the orders I would call the manufacturers, order through our account, and finish the paperwork in the office to track them.

Because Carol was gone this was a great opportunity to continue organizing the materials room. I alphabetized all of the manufacturers and products in each category, for example furniture, upholstery, flooring, etc. I was also replacing the old catalogs with the new material and price lists. Upholstery is taking the longest because not only am I separating them via manufacturer but also through style and material usage. There are also a lot of samples to go through here.

I ran quite a few errands this week. A lot of packages came in and I dropped them off at the clients house. As soon as the packages came in I opened them and made sure everything was correct. I then re-sealed up the packages and took them over. I also dropped off a few borrowed samples at fabric stores such as DRC.

We also started a new project this week. I went to the clients house to get measurements. I measured the bedroom, the bathroom, their office, and closet. I would draw out a quick sketch  and then proceed to record my measurements as I went through. I made sure to note electrical outlets, lighting switches, and door swings as well. Below is a picture of one of the rooms. This next week I will be placing these into auto cad and continuing on with the design process.

Field Measuring


Back At It!

This week has been a week of office reorganization. I spent a few good hours reorganizing the “new” materials shelf that is on display in the office outside of the materials room. This shelf is now organized into lighting/ceiling fans, architectural/accessories, furniture, flooring, wall covering, etc. We keep this collection out in the office in order to have easy access to the newest products out there and for easy inspiration.

I then began my next project on completely reorganizing the materials room. I have previously organized it but now I am going back and alphabetizing every section as well as making sure all of the bingers are current. The manufacturers have been sending new products in the mail and there isn’t enough room for the new and the old so now it is time for me to go through and completely weed out the old.

On the business side of my job I have ordered quite a few products this week. From furniture to light fixtures and fabrics. I have ordered some new samples for clients and we have them laid out for them as you can see in the picture below.


Next week I will be continuing on in the materials room, and keeping up with purchase orders as well as anything else Carol needs.

The Real World

This blog post is going to be different than my usual internship experiences. This week, during spring break, I shadowed Interior Architects’ Charlotte, NC office. This was probably the best decision I’ve made towards my professional career. I called up their office a few months before spring break and asked to shadow and that’s where our story begins. Monday-Friday this week I worked with them from 10-3 usually, some nights I would stay later if I was completing a project. In my off-hours I went around to a bunch of other firms in the area and handed out my portfolio and resume. Over all this was a very productive week and I have learned so much.

First starting with IA, when I walked into the office I introduced myself and shook everyones hands. They have recently picked up a lot of new clients so it was a busy week for them. I am not going to disclose the clients for confidentiality reasons however, the line of work deals with law firms and corporate mostly. IA gave me the opportunity to work through trace and revit this week. I was able to work on a couple of different projects and produce some different ideas which was very exciting. I also sat in and participated in a couple sales representative presentations this week. I don’t think I’ve ever received so many business cards in one week. I was also in charge of ordering their materials this week. Let me tell you manufacturers are much more approachable when you’re part of a global firm rather than just a student.

Floor Plans

On my own I went to 4 other firms outside of Interior Architects. This was a great experience for me. It really got me out of my shell going to these firms. I was able to talk to someone in each of the firms which really helped me get my foot in the door. It was a great networking opportunity for me and I will have these connections for a long time. I am hoping a job opportunity comes out of at least one of them.

Next week I will be back with my internship but I will never forget this experience and I recommend it to everyone.


Busy Bee

This week has been quite busy! I ran a couple errands to local manufacturers, like Mees Tile in Lexington, to drop off samples we had proposed to clients. I called back a manufacturer, from who we are getting custom work done with, in order to make corrections on a previous quote they had given me. Once the corrections were in order and I received a new quote I went ahead and ordered the new furniture covers. I also called a local lighting dealer, Brecher’s, in order to get the pricing for a client. I called Century furniture as well as Swaim in order to ask about whether or not they could do a custom piece for a client of ours. When dealing with large global manufacturers it’s easier for me to go through our sales representatives to get answers. I also contacted Seabrook fabric in Tennessee to get a quote on a fabric needed to match a furniture line and ended up ordering 4yds from them. I also made a purchase order and sent it off to our contact at Taylor King to get that in motion. Basically, a busy week on the ordering front.

In other news in the office we had a sales representative visit us. I met with him and he went over their new materials and brands. He then went into our materials lab and updated our library content of theirs. We exchanged business cards before he left. Sales representative are good networking contacts because they know a lot of firms and a lot of good connections all over the United States. Below is a picture of all their catalogs and their new pricing booklets. It is important for catalogs to be disconnected from all pricing so that clients aren’t influenced. It is also important that retail pricing be in a separate book from wholesale pricing so the client never sees the up-charge. There is a lot that goes into furniture and material selection but it is also what helps give Interior Designers commission.

New Materials

Another networking opportunity I will be working on is a shadowing opportunity I will be participating in next week over spring break. I will be shadowing Interior Architects in Charlotte, NC. This will be a great time to get professional experience as well as pass out my portfolio to other firms in Charlotte. You can’t replace a personal first impression and so I will be utilizing this week to expand my network and personal contacts. Next weeks blog will be about my adventures in Charlotte!