Chicago Day 3

Today I had so much fun! We visited so many places and got to go to an expo for furniture, lighting, fabrics, and a whole bunch of other things!! We got to visit The Bean, Millennium Park, and a few other places along the way. We visited Kimball, Steelcase, and DIRTT. Tomorrow is our last day here so I’m hopping it will be just as fun as today!

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Chicago- Day Two

Chicago has been much more enjoyable then I thought, I mean I was not expecting it to be bad, but I don’t really enjoy cities-there too loud, too dirty, and just too much. However I have come around over the last 24 hours and really got to see some of the more beautiful parts the city has to offer- like Navy Pier, the Luire Children’s Hospital, and attending the symposium networking meet and greet! I can’t wait for tomorrow!

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Final Blog Week at RossTarrant Architects

So far this experience has been so awesome, and I have had such a great time meeting with everyone, learning about reps and the whole inner-workings of how RossTarrant operates. After completing another week of organization I have finally managed to get the back area even cleaner than I originally had it- Unfortunately I forgot to take an after picture for my before shot. I can always take it later and update this blog I suppose. Which reminds me, I am happy to say that RossTarrant has asked me to stay with them for this semester to continue my work as their intern. Helping in any way I can to maintain the organization of their spaces and helping out on projects. I cant wait to be able to see some of the projects that I have been working on finally going to be finished.



This week I got to work on a few different things for the interiors group. I finally managed to finish a floor layout for one of the members of the marketing team, she is hosting a banquet at the bell house and needed me to layout tables and chairs to see how many people she could fit in the spaces she was given. It was tricky- I had to go back over it at least 5 times, changing tables, orientations, locations, and with each new addition of information the scheme changed again. It was a lot of fun though being able to change it again and each time it be different, it was like a puzzle and each time you needed to solve it you had less pieces to use. In the end everything fit well and she was really glad I helped change the space so many times.

We continued work on the Elementary School and now that the floor pattern has been approved it is now my job to add a way of determining which tile is what color. This was not easy, because the pattern is like a broken chevron style. The best way we can think of is to create a paint by number floor plan. Where each tile is given a number and that number corresponds with a color. I can’t wait until that project begins construction, it will look amazing.

The newest thing that I got to work on was a flooring comparison chart. Which is exactly what it sounds like. For any project where a client might not be sure on what type of floor they want in a location a comparison chart is made where we find about 5 to 6 products and write out the pros, cons, price, maintenance, and sustainability of each product. Then the client can instantly compare each product and decide which one they would like to go with. I have never made anything like that before so that assignment was a great way to provide clients with easy to understand information about multiple products without overwhelming them. I might use something like that in upcoming projects.

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RossTarrant – A Different Two Weeks

This past week I had to move out of my current apartment (for cleaning purposes) Newtown says, and because of that I am pretty much homeless for this week and the next until I can move into my new apartment on the 15th. I have been staying with my cousins in Cincinnati and having to drive to Lexington 3 days a week working from 9:00 – 5:00 (or 4:00 if I pack my lunch and eat while I work) So it has been a very different experience having to commute to and from work. Although it is nice that I am there the whole day because when you have to leave in the middle of work or show up after the day is half over (even if you do go to work more often) you still miss things. The weather has not been ideal for any site visits so hopefully next week will be a little better for that.

This past week I got the chance to learn about project submittals, and how selection for alternative (but equivalent) products are proposed. For example on one of our projects we have specifications for a type of paint manufacturer however the school wants a different paint manufacturer to be used. Since the paint we have is the color they want we order paint drawdowns (where the “school’s choice paint” is applied to a piece of paper and then compared to a paint sample of the color they want) this is so we can see if the colors actually match well enough and to see what finish works the best with the color (Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, etc.) We also take photos of the product to keep for our records and to send back to the client for their approval. Sometimes the products can be used interchangeably, and sometimes they cant.

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I have not met any new people this past week, however I did for the first time talk to a manufacturer on the phone, it was so embarrassing- the first thing I said was ” Oh hello Tommy, I am glad you called. I am doing just fine thank you- – -(nervous laugh) I’m sorry ” This was after he just introduced himself as Tommy, nothing else he did not ask me how my day was or how I was doing.            Way to go Lainey- solid first impression.

On top of that he is a super important person that RossTarrant does a lot of business with. Thank goodness I managed to end the call on a good note- now awkward long pauses, or confusion- so hopefully the last impression will be the one that stays with him.

RossTarrant Architects

Working here are RossTarrant Architects has been so much fun- the people are great and the work we do here is really helpful to the children of the community. This week I did a lot of work in organizing the back storage racks that contained submittals, it took a little time but we have finally made it so we can walk by the racks without tripping over everything.

I met the representative from manning carpet tile this past week as well, he was very nice. Next week I will be meeting the rep from the atlas concord tile company, I am really excited to meet with her because the tile is really cool and we have used it in a few of our projects recently.

This next week I am hoping to go on some site visits to the projects that we have been working on and see how far along they are.