Whats next?

This week will be my last week at pedigo, sad but excited for what is about to come next. It’s crazy to think of all the opportunities that I have gotten to take advantage of through y time there. the countless people I have met and made connections with made it all the better.

I really enjoyed my time there and plan to keep up with the main project I have been working on all semester. It’s in it’s final stages and I have been able to see if from start to finish.  The Furniture and accessories have been slowly rolling in, I have been putting on lamp shades and places the last air vent so the house will be complete here in the next few weeks.

My next journey will begin at interspace on May 11th, 2015. I will be interning with them for the summer. It will be a different change of pace doing more commercial versus residential but that just mean there is so much more to learn. They also dabble in a little of healthcare design so that will be nice to get my feet wet in before returning in the fall.

It’s hard to believe I graduate next may, That my journey here at school is coming to an end so fast. But one thing I have realized that i’m in a field that I have the upmost passion for and can not wait to get out into the real world and put all my skills to the test!





Wrapping it up!

 Wrapping up my last few weeks at Pedigo, Looking back on all the things I have learned over my time. I can not believe I have been there for a year already. I would completely recommend getting an internship to any young designer because you learn so much more then what you can learn in school!

For my last few weeks at pedigo, I have been doing a lot more running errands and getting some of new projects to different construction companies to bid some of our new projects.

One of the projects that I have been working with all semester is finally finishing up, The cleaning ladies have came through and cleaned the place so the furniture could be moved in as soon as it got in! Its crazy to see how much that house has changed in such a short time.

While working at Pedigo Design I had many responsibilities, I did everything from running errands, drawings, space planning, material specs, and client visits. I had a lot of interaction with Lynn the head designer, and Ben, her assistant. I got to help them with all of their projects in all phases. I also got to interact with the contractors, anyone from the electricians to the painters, and even the various venders’s of where we purchased all the furniture and materials from. Going to house visits and client visits was an amazing opportunity because it’s something you don’t get to experience in school. Getting to work one on one with the client was great as well. I made lot of connections whether it be with sales reps, team members or the client themselves, it was a great networking opportunity.

The experience as a whole has completely enhanced my learning, I have been more informative of all the processes that you don’t get to do in school; such as the biding process, working with a budget, and getting to be on site during a project installation. I have been able to learn so much through the other designers at the firm. From beginning

I have gained so much through this experience; I have realized that although I loved working in a residential firm I may want to look into more of a hospitality firm or even a larger scale firm; just to be able to compare the difference of both. I plan to do this experience again with another firm so I get that opportunity to experience both sides of design, and get a better idea of what I want to do in the future. I would really recommend this type of opportunity to anyone, but especially design majors. There is so much in design that you can only experience in the real world. I feel ahead of the game in my own major because I did this. As I start to get up in my higher-level classes I notice myself knowing the information more and more before we even get to it. I think this could be beneficial to any major then. Nothing is more important then getting out in the real world and putting all your skills to the test. Plus you make so many connections with people that it could help you land a job for once you’re done with school, which is always a plus! in school, I was able to do spec books and material boards right once I walked in with little direction. I also had an idea of the design process so I knew what to expect, it was more just adjusting to their methods of doing things! Being a professional was very important. Visiting the clients and the various vendors and manufactures I made sure I handled everything in a professional manor to resemble the good quality work from Pedigo Design. I have enjoyed my time with the firm. I think it was very beneficial for me to do this while in school; It gave me an idea of one of the directions I could possibly take with my career.

I have recently got accepted for a different internship with Interspace Design here in lexington, so I will be starting there the week after finals. I’m happy to get to continue the experience and learn more of the commercial aspect of design in the real work place!



Pedigo Design Overview!

First time for everything!

So this week at Pedigo I got to do some other things then my normal tasks. I actually got to work a little with some zoning for a restaurant we are about to take on. I had to use the PVA Fayette website and locate the one mile radius surroundings, then I filled out paper work and got the address of all the places so we can then go ahead and mail out notifications about the new and upcoming site. It is a very long and tedious task to do, but for larger projects that is something that is necessary.

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.24.34 AMI have also had some time to practice some hand drawings for a client, I drew out a basement floor plan. I set up my drafting desk so I was all ready to get started. Ben went out to the site and took some field measurements and pictures for me to go off of. It was nice to get to to put some of my other drawing skills to work this week. Although my skills are no where near where Lynn’s are, practice makes perfect!

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 9.24.52 AM

These tasks were much more in-depth so they took me longer then my normal tasks. I squeezed in a few other things this week though.

I made a final to do list on excel, of all the last minute touches to one of our clients home home. We finished this home awhile back but wrapping up some of their final things they have asked us to come back and add as far decorative items and wall art. We spent some time looking though some books finding the right pieces.

I also had to bring some extra pulls for a kitchenette, to one of the home for the contractors to install. It was great as usual to get to go back on site, even though not much has changed in that home since last week.

It’s crazy to think this semester is close to an end! We still remain busy though over at pedigo!



Full Week at Pedigo!


Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.00.45 AM

Contractors have been busy at work these past few months, but we in the final stages of this project.

This week at pedigo I was on site at one of our current clients meeting with fireplace specialists about replacement logs, I was interested because I actually got to learn a lot about fireplaces. I learned about the different log type and why one is better then the other. I also go to visit the showroom to see some of our options actually in working mode. Below is a picture of the home where we needed the replacement logs. The ones we currently have are ceramic, which tend to give off an unpleasant scent, were are switching to concrete logs so we can minimize that issue.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.53.58 AM

As I promised last week here are some progress pictures from the same house, it has came a long way! All the construction is nearly done, we have the cleaners coming in later this week so we will be ready for furnishing to arrive.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.53.51 AM Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.53.39 AM

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 10.59.19 AM

It has ben so exciting working on this project and really seeing all the steps from beginning to where we are now, even to where we will be in the next few week. I am hoping to see the final stage before the end of the semester. I have about 4 weeks left here until I take on another journey this summer hopefully. Until then, I still have a lot more to do, projects keep rolling in.

Office Update. Well I mentioned before, during spring break we were planning on doing a office renovation. Unfortunately that has been on hold with the amount of projects we are doing. I am hoping they will take full advantage of the new arrangement once we slow down so the work here can be done more efficiently.

This week we also got sent in more fabric samples, it is always nice to stay on top of new trends and styles and Ben likes to make sure we always stay informed. It was great being able to look through them myself so I could see and become more familiar with more manufactures out there. After that was over I then placed them in the correct bin to match their color scheme.

Until next time!


Pedigo design

This past week at pedigo didn’t consist of anything too fun or interesting. I spent most of my week on the computer.

I continued working on our huge spec book, this project we are currently working on it definitely a large one. This has been the biggest spec book I have done this far for a residential project. I also had to do a little research and font comparison for farm signs. This client is very particular and has somewhat of a design style. It has been a challenge for me because Their style is very old, antique, look and that is just not my preference. But with design you are not designing for yourself but for the client, so that has been a growing point for me this past month.

I also had to set up a few appointment for next week. One of our clients needs log replacements. I set up two different meeting with different people to get a price comparison. So that will occupy some of my week next week and hopefully I will learn a little more about fireplaces and the insulation of them for next time.

Other then that this week was pretty easy! No crazy deadlines needed to be met this week. I plan on giving you all some pictures of the home when I’m out on the site next week, You’ll be able to see the transformation from beginning to where we are now. We have made great progress so far! and can’t wait to see it till the end!



Another week at pedigo!

Although it was great getting out to see New york and visiting up at FRCH for spring break it’s time to get back and get some more work done. I had to do a lot to catch me up to pace at pedigo.

This week has consisted of multiple tasks.

First I had to go back and do another site visit to see the status of one of the projects and how it is coming underway. Still in good progress, the owner moves back into the home in a few weeks so I am trying to make sure things still go smoothly in order to make that deadline!

With one of the farms we are doing the lighting all came in this week so I had to make sure that was all labeled and then placed in a safe spot until it was needed on the site. Their home is still in the construction phase so we store some things in the office until it is needed so it does’t get misplaced over there. This is a very large project. I’m still in the phase of finishing up the spec book for them. This one has specs in volumes because of the scale of work we are doing for this client.

I have spent some time this week revisiting old clients because they have wanted us to help them with a few more things. I have done some furniture selections this week for various ottomans, night stands, as well as some consoles. we tend to work with Lexington Furniture for most of our projects, but occasionally when they do not have an item we need we look elsewhere.

It’s crazy that we are at the end of march already, So many projects have been in the making this year already so I have been busy busy busy! We will see what next week has in store!




FRCH Overview!

What a great experience this week has been, I think I have truly found my passion for design and what I like about it. I love retail and hospitality design, I have never been in an environment where most everyone loves their job and enjoy going to work. I feel this this firm was so helpful and wanted to share all their tips and tricks to me with all the programs.

Out of the six studios I got to see at FRCH, I think my favorite were the large department stores and hospitality. I feel that they get to work on the “experience” of the store environment, which I think is a really cool aspect of design.

I couldn’t think of a better place to spend my spring break, I would recommend this program to any UK design student because it is a wonderful networking opportunity. I have met people from every studio at FRCH which is great because I have connections if I decide to pursue a future career or internship with them.

I thank them so much for giving me this opportunity to come in and see what FRCH is all about.