Matthew Carter Interiors

We had another exciting week at Matthew Carter Interiors!  With multiple installs and the arrival spring it was a great week.  I did a lot of errand running to keep the install going smoothly.  Again I can’t stress how important flexibility is in this industry.  You really have to be prepared to do anything on any given day.  I think that is the most important thing I have learned while at this internship.  Also, I believe thats what makes the design business so fun, you are in for some sort of surprise almost everyday. Just make sure to always have a tape measure, pencil, and paper with you!

Tuesday morning I had to drive all over picking things needed for the installation of a curtains at a large commercial project.  I also had to deliver quiet a few curtains to the site, which required a lot of man power (aka me and one other person).  Needless to say I got a good workout in!  These days are always so because it is great to see everything come together all at once, and very rewarding as well!

Also, Lindsey Fay visited me at work on Tuesday afternoon which was great! I was able to show her around the office and explain how we work.  I also showed her a drawing I was working on for a client.  Here is a picture of us when she visited!



Another Week at MCI!

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was fairly slow because Matt was out of town doing an installation.  This usually means that I will have some time to get the office organized and cleaned up a bit.  I got right to it and organized our materials, which is something that I keep up with on a daily basis, however weeks like this are great because I can really do some work.  Just being able to go through materials and make sure they are in the right spot makes things so much easier and saves so much time down the road.

Here is a picture of the materials room.


We also have a room that is basically storage in the back of the office.  It simply holds furnishings that are going out for install soon, left over fabrics, really anything and everything.  I took sometime to straighten up this room because it houses so many random items.  These little tasks may seem boring but in the long run I’m always happy to have done them because everything can run so much smoother if there is constant organization.

I also ran some errands to pick up various items and deliver them where ever they may need to go.  Running errands for Matt has been one of the best things because it allows me to make concoctions with people all over town in the design business.  This is another thing that may not seem like the most exciting task but it really is great to meet so many people and expand my network!

Another Busy Week!

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was very busy and full of exciting tasks.  I ran a lot of errands and completed and array of tasks. We were playing a bit of catch up after all of the snow and bad weather from last week.  We have a lot of projects that are in full swing which is very exciting but can also be stressful.  It is so important to stay organized and flexible when so much is going on at once.

On Tuesday I was sent to the Louisville Tile showroom in Lexington to select and marble mosaic tile to match some marble tile selected for a project.  This is always exciting to be able to visit a showroom because it is great to see what products are out there.  With the help of the wonderful employees at Louisville Tile I was able to select two options that would be suitable.  I brought them back to the office and am waiting to see which one my boss selects.  Here are the two options I decided on!

IMAG4432 IMAG4433

On Thursday I had to drive to Louisville to pick up a chair for an install.  The offices upholsters are located in Louisville.  There was one chair that was not finished when the truck was leaving with the rest of furnishings so I had to make a special trip so that the chair could be installed with everything else.  This just shows how flexible you must be with your schedule in the design business and the importance of making things work so that the client is happy!  Everything was there right in time and the space looked beautiful and completed, in turn pleasing everyone.

Matthew Carter Interiors

This week was very slow at Matthew Carter Interiors due to the bad weather Lexington experienced.  I continued work on a few Cad drawings and then sent them off to the contractor on the project and also a cabinetry company.  This took a few phone calls and there were a few questions to answer but other than that is was a very simple process. I am starting to become more familiar with professional we consult with and they are starting to get to know me which is very nice and makes work easier.  Having these connects not only is nice in my current workplace but I also think it is always good to know as many people in the design industry as possible.

Also, we had a few fabrics we were ordering that ended up being on back order and we needed them right away.  It is generally my job to find replacements for fabrics whenever this happens.  Again a simple task but still very important and can take up a lot more time then one would imagine.  I was able to find suitable replacements and get them ordered and on their way to the upholsters!

We had a rep come in from Kravet and show us all of the new materials they have in this year. It is always great to be int the office when a rep comes in not only to see all of the exciting new products they have but also to build a relationship with them.  It makes it much easier to remember them and for them to remember you if you meet in person. Reps are always very nice and so helpful to me as an intern.  The rep from Kravet showed me a great tool on their website that lists all of their discontinued books and products so I can keep the office up to date.  He also showed me some great design tools such a AutoCad blocks and reduced prices on fabrics!

Here are some of the drawings I did for a master bedroom closet.Screen Shot 2015-02-22 at 1.07.12 PM

Small Details

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was fairly calm.  I worked on a closet detail for a client.  Again I was reminded of how important it is to always put the clients needs first.  I drew up some plans based off of the floor plans and items that the client requested.  After many emails we were able to decide on a layout that would work best for the home owners.  When in school I often lose sight of how someone not familiar with design reads drawings.  There are many details that I often assume are implied.  However, when working with a client they want to see everything drawn out.  Because of this it is a bit more time consuming and you have to be very detailed in your drawings so that the client feels comfortable with your designs decisions.  This seems to be true especially in residential design because not only does the client have little design knowledge but also since it is their home most likely they are being extra careful to get everything perfect.

We are continuing to receive new books and samples and part of my job is keeping track of them.  This is something that is very simple however I realize how important it is more and more everyday.  There have been many times when my boss is trying to find something quick and needs me to find it.  It is so important to stay organized and have a system for where everything is that way no time is wasted searching for a misplaced sample.  Also, it is much more difficult than one would image to keep things organized.  Items are always getting moved around and it is critical to keep track of them so that the office can stay organized which helps it to function properly.

Here is an image of some new books we received and I included a picture of one of the office dogs just because!



-Sarah Ann

A week to reflect

This week I came down with a nasty cold and unfortunately that prevented me from having a full work week to share.  I called in on Tuesday and on Thursday they could tell I was still not feeling well and sent me home early.  This made realize how lucky I am to be in such a positive work place where my boss and co-workers cares about my well being.

This made me reflect on my time at Matthew Carter Interiors and then prompted me to think about my future as my senior year is wrapping up.  After being lucky enough to work in such a positive and professional work environment I hope to find another one for my post grad career.  It is so important to work in a place where you feel comfortable and are able to use your skills to best of your abilities.  The job search is very intimidating and even scary at times.  Especially when looking for your first job out of college you feel inclined to take what ever you can get. I hope to put enough work into the the application process and apply to the right places that way I can continue to feel comfortable in whatever workplace I am in next.

My time at my internship has taught me a lot about my self and what kind of work and workplace I want in my design career.  It has reaffirmed my love for residential design and I know that is definitely the career path I want to take.  Also, I have realized that I enjoy working in a small firm.  All of these things will help me select places I apply and hopefully lead to a great job opportunity for me!

On another note, here is an image of a home Matthew did a while back!


-Sarah Ann

Busy Week!

I had another busy week at Matthew Carter Interiors.  I worked on numerous small auto cad drawings, ran a lot of errands, and completed many office tasks.  I really enjoy having such a variety in what I do because it keeps things interesting and I never find myself bored.

I worked on a few elevation drawings to present to clients.  Two in particular were fun because I was able to create a few different layout options for built-ins.  The first was a cabinet layout for a mudroom,  I basically had free range, just had to include a small fridge and sink.  I really enjoy doing these types of drawings because it is always exciting when you get make some design decisions.  The second drawing I did was for a bookcase in another clients home.  It was a bit more straight forward, I was given a style to match and from there I was able to create something.  These small quick drawings are nice because I feel that they keep me sharp on my auto cad skills, which is always great.  Here is an image of two of the options I created for the mudroom.


I was also able to do some work with inventory and making sure everything in the store was labeled and priced.  This is not the most exciting task but it is nice because whenever I have down time I can work on it.  I spent a lot of time tracking down items based off of their description in the computer system (much more challenging than I assumed).  This is another aspect of design that I sometimes forget to considered.  There is so much more for a designer to do than just interior design, especially in a small residential firm.