Week 15: It’s Summer Time!!

As the end of the semester is here, I am eager to keep working with both Congleton-Hacker and The FabLab! This semester has been a lot of work and perseverance, but working these two jobs involved with internship credit and 3 jobs aside from that, I have really gotten a taste of many work hours and staying organized.

As I have repeatedly discussed the importance of organization in my construction management job, I have seen that bleed into my everyday life. I try to work (and play) on more of a schedule and really stay connected to everything going on. It’s almost like keeping tabs on the sub-contractors and everything that is happening… may sound crazy, but if I can reciprocate the type of organization it takes to create a building, I think my life will flow! I will keep working with keeping the drawings in line and making sure every facet is matching what is to come and what is going on in the field.


My time in the FabLab has allowed me to become a teacher to students using software, especially Rhino. My favorite quote, “We teach what we need to learn the most” really inspires me to be involved. Not only that, I have felt honored to represent us as interiors and give us a presence in the shop. I know our program is on to great things!

This semester has been so great and as I will be in graduate school for 2 more years, I am ready to see what other professional practice I can get in to!



When entering the Materials Library, it is important for students to have a clear idea of the products they are searching for. However, if a student has not yet been exposed to the options of materiality that exist from an internship and/or Helen’s materials class (ID 365), it may be difficult for him or her to make the best use of our available resources. I am already creating laser cut labels for the material categories to replace the post-it notes that we currently have, but in thinking about the functionality of these labels, I have decided that I need a system that will be more conducive with how we design. My task this week then became to create a numbering and color system that would match an infographic I could plot and hang up on the wall. The infographic is shown below.


I have categorized the materials in a way in which the number of the label designates which overarching category the material belongs to. For example, wall coverings and paint are two separate categories in the materials library, however, they are both in the number 3 category. Therefore, the laser cut sign will also have a three on the sign, in addition to the coordinating yellow letter backing. This way, students can more clearly determine the uses for the materials they may be looking at. This system can be a basis for what the next intern has in mind for the wayfinding and organization of the library, since the colored backing of the signs can be removed if needed. I will coordinate my efforts towards finishing this part of the library by the end of the week, and it will be ready for use for the next semester!


week 15

this week I worked on making an as built and 3D model of the changes that we are making to the Frasca’s bathroom.  We started by keying in dimensions that we had to make sure that everything was correct.  Then copied the floor plan to make two different iterations to present to the client. Screen Shot 2018-04-28 at 1.53.11 PM

Using ketchup I quickly rendered the changes we wanted to make to the bathroom to show the client this product they would be getting.

Week 15

This week at Matthew Carter Interiors was a typical week for me once again. I mainly sourced new fabric samples, updated pricing and organized the materials library. Matt and Sarah were really busy this week with installs at a few of their clients homes. I held down the fort for the most part, so I was the only one in the office for the most part. I was responsible for answering the phone and taking any messages. This was not an easy task, as the phone rings constantly. Especially after Matt made the cover of House Beautiful this month. That was so exciting for him! I think it is really going to jump-start his career outside of Lexington. It has been great getting to know Matt and Sarah and they are both very talented designers. I can see why Matt has become so successful. I am very thankful they gave me the opportunity to learn from them throughout this internship and I really have enjoyed my time there. Tuesday will be my last day of my internship and then its off to the real world for me. I can’t believe I graduate a week from today! Time really does fly.

Looking Back: A Reflection of My Internship and the Future

Over the past year, I have truly been able to enjoy my time working at Kentucky Lighting.  When I was first seeking the job, I was really just looking for a way to make money and earn some credits for school, but I did not realize how much it would impact my career, my outlook on the workforce, and my experience in Kentucky overall.  Everyone has always been so nice and welcoming there.  Being an intern, it is hard to learn since I was only there 3 days a week.  All of the workers have been super helpful and patient with me, and always been able to go out of their way to help me.  This means a lot, and will influence how I treat my co workers in the future.  When someone new comes in, it is not always easy.  It takes time and patients to be help them learn what they need to learn.  One of the most valuable things that I learned here was that it is important to ask questions when you don’t know something, and always help someone out if they don’t know something.  In a few years, I will start training people of my own at my job, and being an intern has truly given me empathy towards interns, and I will always be sympathetic towards new people and interns in the future.

The other most important thing that I feel I can take away from this internship is customer service.  When in school, it is easy to forget that we are going to be working for a client when we graduate.  Our designs are important, but it is more important to make the customer happy.  Here at Kentucky Lighting, my main task was always to help the customer.  This usually requires a lot of patience.  You can spend hours trying to pick something out for a costumer, for them just to change their minds.  This is the career path that we chose.  This taught me that similar circumstances can happen in the real world.  Things change, and deliverables will change, and as designers we have to be adaptable to any of our clients needs. This is one of the main things that I will take with me to my job in LA and throughout my entire career.  I will always keep in mind that the client comes first, and it is important to assist them in the best way  that we can, if if we don’t agree with what they want.

Below is a photo of Los Angeles, where I will be moving after graduating and starting my new life as a lighting designer.


Week 15 : The Final Days

My last week at Kentucky lighting proved to be very interesting.  As I talked about last week, there are still a lot of changes going on in our showroom.  Since someone has left, we have now hired two new people.  It is a pleasure meeting the new people and being able to learn and work with someone different.  This also brings some challenges with having to help show them the ropes, and teaching them different things around the showroom.  Sadly, the owner of our company, Mr. Levy, passed away on Tuesday.  This was hard for all of us here in the showroom because he opened the business and made it what it is today.  Even though Kentucky Lighting is a big company, it still has a small family owned feel.  Even with my short time working here, I met him a few times.  He was a very sweet man, who had a lot of ambition and drive to open up his own store.  Kentucky Lighting has been a great success and is one of the top lighting showrooms in Lexington.  There are also two other locations, in Frankfurt and Georgetown Kentucky.  Mr. Levy left  great legacy behind, and a thriving business.

On Saturday the showroom was rather slow.  On slower days it is often time to do some simple tasks.  One of my tasks was to restock the bulb display.  Right by the check-out counter is a large display of many of the light bulbs the we sell.  This is very helpful because a large percentage of our customers just come in to buy light bulbs.  The selection is very versatile.  We primary sell two different types of bulbs, incandescent and LED.  There are many different kinds of incandescent bulbs available.  One of the newer trends in lighting is having fixtures with Edison bulbs.  These are a form of incandescent bulbs, and there are many different types.  We have a whole section on the display dedicated to Edison and vintage looking bulbs.  LED is the new wave of the future in lighting.  LED’s use much less energy, they don’t give off heat, and they last exponentially longer than an incandescent light bulb.  These are great for retrofits, because many of the fixtures we sell do not come with LED’s integrated within them.  This allows customers to use LED bulbs to still get all the great benefits of LED bulbs, with a regular fixture.

Below is a photo of our bulb display in the showroom IMG_4532.jpegIMG_4533.jpeg

Week 14: Back to the Warehouse

This week at Schnabel Cashman interiors was pretty uneventful. I met my bosses at the warehouse again, and we finished up our shipment to the Bahamas.

All that consisted of this was looking through each box and thoroughly inspecting every piece of furniture to make sure it was not damaged in any way. After finishing this, the men helping us repacked each item and got them ready to go into the shipping container. It was a little nicer outside this time, so we didn’t freeze in the warehouse! Thankfully, nothing was damaged this time. Below is a photo of some of the things we checked. IMG_0495