A key theme this week has been of maintaining order. Reviews are approaching, and suddenly (as I expected), students are bolting for the materials library. Counters that I had considered at some point to be tidy are becoming testing zones for students to deliberate between textiles, wood samples, and laminate. The order I have been at least trying to maintain has been a side thought, as I have been more focused on finding a home for miscellaneous items that students drop off or misplace from within the library. The bin for discontinued textiles appeared to have been searched through, I hope not for actual use! I decided it needed to be hidden, at least for now, until I can produce the proper signage.

I have made further efforts with the laser cutting of the smaller signs, and the files are ready to be brought to the shop. However, with one of the laser cutters being broken and the architecture students using the laser cutters for their studio projects, I have not had a chance to be able to laser cut the signs. I think that this week (after my own review, that is), the shop will not be as crazy, and it would be a good time to finish this part of the project. Because of this setback, I was only able to work about four hours this week.


In the meantime, I have started to jot down a list of notes and ideas that I want to mention to the new intern for next semester. This way, they could be more aware of where I left off, what I was intending to do with certain things, and just basic rules of thumb. Also, I am excited for the possibility of the new intern to be a freshmen – it would be a great introduction into the world of design, especially if he or she were to start getting in contact with reps!


Week 14 : Changes

Week 14 was a big week of changes in the Kentucky Lighting showroom.  One of my favorite co-workes, got a new job and left.  This was sad because over the last few months I had really enjoyed working with her. She was very helpful and was always willing to teach me.  Being an intern, there are still a lot of things that I do not know about lighting and product info.  She really helped me to learn, and did not get annoyed or irritated when I asked questions.  She had also lived in Los Angeles before, so she was able to give me some advice about moving there.  I always enjoy meeting new people, and working with new people.  It is a great experience and you are always able to learn so much.  We now have a new person taking her place.  This helps prepare me for the real world because stuff like this happens all the time.  People will always come and go, and it is important to always be willing to work with someone new.  You never know what type of insight working with a different person can bring you.  It is also hard when someone new is hired, because it really throws off the flow of the showroom. Being down one person, means that the other employees have to step up to fill that place.  On Saturday, it was not particularly busy, but it felt like it was.  This is because we were under staffed.

Saturday was a very interesting day in the showroom.  We had many people come in with very odds requests.  The first odd request we got was a man who was designing a shower.  He was looking for 16′ in tape lighting.  Tape lighting is a newer technology that is used for all types of applications. It is made out of thin strip of LED’s that are on a flexible rope-like material.  This makes the tape lighting very flexible and a perfect fit for many locations. The customer was interested in having 16′ total, two lengths of 8′.  He also needed the tape lighting to be RGB, which means that it is color changing.  He was wanting to put blue lighting in his shower.  Not only did he want the thin blue strips of light, he also needed for it to be wet location.  LED fixture can have 3 different rating; dry location, damp location, and wet location.  Dry locations means that it can only work in a dry location, damp locations means that the product can be around water, but cannot be directly submerged, and wet location means that the fixture can be completely submerged in water and still work.  In addition to this, the man also wanted to lights to be on a motion sensor, so they would turn on when you entered the shower.  This seems like it is going to be a very tricked out shower.

Below is an example of blue tape lighting located within a shower. 1.jpg

Week 14: Time on Site + Broken Lasers

At my Congleton-Hacker job this week, we have been supervising on-sight clean up in order for me to see the importance of this in relation to LEED goals. With the weather warming up, there are a lot of upcoming dates for new milestones on this project and prepping the site is crucial. Recycling proper amounts of waste and making sure we are keeping up with the LEED point system has been very important. On the other hand, I have finally gotten the master plan drawings up to date and am now working with the second set, basically redoing what I did with the first ones. This time is going quicker and I understand what I am doing so it is a lot less stressful.


As far as work in the FabLab, this week is EXTREMELY busy! One of the machines has been broken and really slowing down our progress. Leading up to finals, the lists have been so long and dealing with people has been challenging. Some people are impatient about the wait time and it is my job to keep the line moving and make sure it stays fair for everyone. I have gotten a lot better at prepping laser files in the past week and learning to answer questions for people as they need it. Working with the first years from interiors has been nostalgic and I want to help them as best as I can. I know it can be frustrating but I am trying to help them be interested in the fabrication process and encourage them to take full advantage of these tools!

image1 (11)

week 14: renderings

This week we were working with the bates and their renovation of their sunroom space. After last weeks field measurements I created a 3D model of the space so that they could better understand the decision that they are making.

The first decision they are walking through is the color trim they are using.  I rendered a white, stained, and colored option so that they can envision what the space would look like.  I then rendered each trim with each kind of shade option so that they can pick between the three.

Week 13: gif making

This week was easily one of my favorites at my internship so far. I was assigned to design a birthday e-card for UK college of A&S faculty that is animated using Photoshop. I learned 2 different ways to create gifs using Photoshop, as well as which method is more appropriate depending on the animation. The two methods I learned were video timeline and frame animation. For the final gif, I used the video timeline method because the gifs created this way transition more smoothly and appear like a looping video, whereas the frame animation is more of a stop motion gif where you create the animation frame by frame, creating a less smooth final product.

During this assignment, I also worked directly with the faculty that requested the gif for the first time, which was also an excellent experience. I sat down with her and we discussed what she wanted to see in the final product. Her criteria was something “young and fun” that also denoted “UK”, so we decided on using subtle UK blue tones with confetti and balloon letters. It was good to work with the “client”, I guess you would call her, and have a back and forth discussion where she identifies what she wants and I propose ideas and we collaboratively modify until we have something we are both happy with.UK-Alum-Birthday-e-Card

Week 13: Applying to Graduate Schools

I did not work at Schnabel Cashman Interiors this week, I am going to write a little about my experiences on applying to graduate schools. I have decided to go to school for three more years to further my education and get my Masters in Architecture.

Applying to graduate schools is not a quick or easy task. It takes a lot of research, patience, and it is a humbling process. I began the process by beginning my research last summer. I was not really sure where to start, so I just started googling the top M. Architecture programs in the country. It seemed like most of them were very prestigious and I was not sure if they would want me, seeing as I am just a girl from Kentucky, but hey it wouldn’t hurt to apply. Once I had compiled a list of schools that I was interested in I began researching what their admission requirements were and what it would take to be accepted.

The requirements were as expected, so I began perfecting my portfolio and resume, and asked some professors if they would write me letters of recommendation. I also began writing my personal statement which explained why I wanted to continue my education and get my masters. One major common factor that I found was that both calculus and physics were prerequisites for every program. Because of this, I found myself enrolling for both of those classes for the last semester of my senior year, something I never thought I would do!

After I had begun the applying process, I decided I needed to visit the schools to see which one I could see myself in. I made a trip to Chicago to SAIC, and then planned a trip to NYC. On this trip, I fell in love with New York and decided that either Parson’s or Pratt were my dream schools.

I am fortunate enough to have been accepted to all 4 schools that I applied to, but I have decided to attend Parsons, New School of Design!





Week 13

This week at Matthew Carter was the same old same old. Matt and his mom were actually out of town the entire week on vacation in the Bahamas, so I haven’t seen Matt in a couple of weeks. When he is not in the office, Sarah and I have “tidying-up days” and basically just do a walk-through in each room and make sure everything is organized and put away in the correct places. I focused mainly on Matt’s office because there were things thrown everywhere on the floor in the incorrect places. I organized all of the carpet samples in his room and the linen books as well. I also organized all of the tile samples this week, which is something I have yet to do before. It was helpful because I got to find a few options for my thesis project that might work well. Other than organizing, I did my usual pricing updates on all of the fabric samples. I have become a pro at this now and can get an entire vendor done in one day. It is tedious work but I have really learned a lot about all the different vendors and have also found samples that work well for my thesis project.